Philips AventClassic Trainer Cup


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size: 4 oz



What weabout it
An easy way to teach your kid to drink “like a big kid” especially if they already use Avent bottles.


A trainer cup is halfway between a bottle and a cup so that your bottle-using baby can get used to cups gradually. The “cup” part is just a regular Philips Avent bottle, but it comes with handles you can screw onto it, plus your choice of a fast-flow silicone nipple or a soft silicone spout to put on top. The soft silicone spout is more like a nipple than a normal hard plastic sippy cup spout would be. You can mix and match the parts from this trainer cup with some (but not all) of Phillip’s other bottles and cups (see specifications for the list of compatible bottles and cups).

Especially if your child loves Philips Avent bottles (and you have a bunch of them around), this is a great way to transition them to sippy cups. Some things to keep in mind: it doesn’t have a leak-proof valve, so be prepared for a little dribbling. Also, four ounces is a fairly small portion size for an older toddler, so you may have to refill it for them a couple times.


  • Includes: cup, detachable handles, soft spout
  • IFor 4+ months
  • I2.4” x 5.1” x 4.3”
  • IWeight : 3.1 oz
  • IHolds 4 oz


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  • IMy Classic+ Trainer
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