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color: Hazel Slumber Sloth



What weabout it
Silky soft lovies come with an affirmation card to help you create loving routines.


The brainchild of two moms—a child therapist and an educator—Slumberkins are super soft, friendly creatures designed to help you create loving routines and deepen your bond with your child while promoting positive life skills.

With ultra-silky, plush fur and soft faces, these cuddly lovies are sure to delight the sense of touch, while providing a comforting source of security for little ones and a physical reminder of the love and connection you have with your child.

Each Slumberkins animal comes with a keepsake affirmation card that promotes positive life skills:

Bigfoot: self-esteem and positive self-concept

Fox: coping with change, anxiety reduction, family attachment

Yeti: mindfulness, mind-body connection, anxiety reduction and concentration

Sloth: relaxation and sleep, mind-body connection and anxiety management


  • Includes a plush animal and an affirmation card
  • Animals: 14” x 9”
  • 100% polyester stuffed with hypoallergenic fiberfill
  • Safety tested and ASTM certified at the highest level
  • Hand wash cold, lay flat to dry (for deep cleaning, machine wash gentle in a garment bag)
  • Never machine dry or use fabric softener
  • Yeti and Bigfoot are made with longer, ultra-plush fabric: due to the length of the fur, ultra-plush is not recommended for teething babies
  • Made without any small, detachable pieces

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October 12, 2018

By far the BEST Lovie you will find ❤️!! I ordered the sloth along with the book for my son when he was born. As he got older he grew so attached that we now have 2 (one for home and one for travel), and we have just added the Bigfoot Stuffie to our collection!

I love them so much that I have purchased the bundle sets for several friends now. They make the PERFECT shower gift and come beautifully packaged! They are cuddly little creatures with books that support different ‘intentions.’

They have no stuffing so are therefore safe for the babes, and they love holding and cuddling with them! They are easy to wash and keep clean! 😉. A must for every registry!