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Wi-Fi enabled monitor works with your phone or tablet and comes with a dedicated parent unit

About this Product
  • Wi-Fi connected to your iOS or Android device through intuitive app
  • Parent Unit with large 5” HD screen connects via local Wi-Fi network
  • Multiple users can pair up to four cameras
  • Sound, motion and temperature alerts
  • Offers two-way communication and plays lullabies, white noise and nature sounds


Baby monitors provide peace of mind by helping you keep an eye on your baby from afar. Project Nursery’s line is designed to be used right out of the box, with minimal set-up time and an intuitive interface. Unlike other monitors, this set works via Wi-Fi, so you can check in on your baby from the next room or the next state.

The set-up is quick and easy. With its large, high-def screen, the dedicated Parent Unit is paired through your local Wi-Fi network and stays at home. Connect your iOS or Android devices to the monitor from anywhere via the password-protected Project Nursery app. Either option lets you control the camera tilt, pan (almost 360°) and zoom. You can also talk to your baby through the monitor, or play white noise, nature sounds or lullabies (it comes loaded with three favorites from the popular Rockabye Baby collection).

The set comes with one camera, but you can pair as many as 4 cameras with multiple users through the app. You can also record sound and video and take photos directly to your smart device without cloud storage or app fees. Like Nursery Projects other monitors, this one also has temperature, sound and motion alerts, and the camera has infrared night vision.


  • Includes: LCD HD Parent Unit, rechargeable camera, 8GB Micro SD card, 2 charging cables, 2 power adapters, and a quick-start instruction guide
  • Smart phone not included
  • Camera: 3.4” x 5.7” x 4”; 0.6 lbs
  • Battery Life: Parent Unit, 5 hours; rechargeable camera, 2 hours
  • Wi-Fi connected for remote viewing on your iOS and Android devices using the Project Nursery app
  • Record video and snap photos directly to your device—no cloud storage or app fees
  • Temperature sensor and push notifications for sound, motion and temperature alerts
  • Auto recording capability
  • Two-way communication
  • Infrared night vision

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March 17, 2018

This system has the worst connection. The app would constantly freeze and would be very delayed. The monitor had the same problem (when it would decide to work in ONE location of our house) and the monitor wouldn’t pick up the signal to the camera when we are in the next room! Very disappointed in this product.