A soft tub for home or travel that offers babies a comfy wash in the bathroom sink

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The Flyte is a travel version of the innovative Puj Tub for bathroom sinks, though it works just as well at home. The soft foam sink insert cradles your baby snugly in a reclined position, leaving your hands free to do the bathing. Setup is quick and can be done with one hand (very helpful if the other one happens to be holding the baby).

The space-saving tub is made of a flexible, durable, quick-drying foam that conforms to the sink and then hangs flat to dry or store. The Flyte can be folded in half for packing and is small enough to fit in a suitcase, tote, or diaper bag.

Note that the Puj Flyte will not work with all sinks. It’s best with bathroom pedestal or countertop sinks (see the ideal dimensions listed below). It won’t work as well in a tub or a bigger sink, like a kitchen sink, as it relies on the physical support of the sink itself to work.


  • 23.5” x 10.5” x 1.5”
  • Closed-cell foam is mold and mildew resistant and non-absorbent, so it dries very quickly
  • BPA, PVC, and phthalate free
  • Gently clean surface with soap and water
  • Fits in wide range of pedestal and countertop sinks
  • Ideal sink size is 16-19” (left to right) by 11–13” (front to back), and 4–6” deep
  • Ages 0–6 mos, up to 17 lbs.
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Perfect compact tub for newborns! I love how it fits into the sink for bath time and then folds up nice and compact!

Compact, great for travel and perfect for the first 6 months.

Could never get it to work just right and it kept folding up. Ended up buying a summer infant baby tub which we still use every night. It's been way better.

Perfect product for a quick rinse or travel, but does not replace a need for a baby bath where she/he can be fully immersed in water and play. This one is just about getting the job done in the most compact way.

Best thing ever after a C-section. Our baby bath tub seemed WAY too big for our tiny newborn, but the Puj was perfect!

It is compact, and baby loves it.

Not much water fits in basin. Baby seems to grow out of it quickly. Great for little babies that need lots of support and are not ready for a bath they can sit up in.

Folds up but works great for newborn in the sink.

We never used this--it fit our bathroom sink great, but then the faucet was in the way. We were so happy when we got a real baby tub.