PuracyNatural Stain Remover Refill


No Longer Available On Babylist

scent: Free & Clear

size: 64 oz

What weabout it
Effective, enzyme based stain remover in an eco-friendly refill pouch


Puracy’s environmentally responsible home and skincare products for babies and their adults are crafted without harmful ingredients. They’re nontoxic and child-safe, but also effective and well-priced. The Austin, Texas–based company uses plants, minerals and natural fragrances, and has a long list of ingredients it won’t use, including harsh chemicals, petroleum and animal-based ingredients.

A proprietary blend of six plant-based enzymes in Puracy’s color-safe stain remover gets out grass, berries, blood, sweat, oil, tomato sauce, cosmetics, urine, dirt and hundreds of other stains and odors. Use eco-friendly pouch to refill your spray bottle.

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