Safety 1stPre-Cruiser Ready Safety Set


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This safety kit has 12 pieces that help make homes safe for kids who are reaching higher and pulling themselves up.


As babies begin crawling and pulling themselves to their feet, it’s important to protect fingers and secure furniture, especially shelving.

This kit is a 12-piece collection of basic babyproofing tools. Door knob covers keep little ones from opening doors. Two furniture wall straps are designed to anchor pieces to walls, keeping them in place as babies begin to pull, hoist, and climb. Two multi-purpose straps can be used to keep drawers and cabinets shut. Two plug protectors keep little fingers out of sockets, and one cord shorteners keep extra cord yardage safely bundled up. And it includes an easy-grip toilet lock, too.

Safety 1st also makes a 46-piece and a 35-piece version of their safety kits with different assortments.

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  • 12 pieces: 4 door knob covers, 2 furniture wall straps, 2 multi-purpose straps, 2 plug protectors, 1 easy-grip toilet lock and 1 cord shorteners
  • 2.5” x 10.13” x 11” package
  • 13.6 ounces

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