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Adorable bibs with a huge spill-pocket are easy to rinse and dry between meals.


These bibs aren’t just adorable, they’re also useful. The big pocket at the bottom catches a lot of crumbs and dribbles, and we love that it’s perfectly integrated into the animal design. It’s made of thin, easy-to-clean material that is silky and dries off fast. You can rinse it off and hang it to dry so it’ll be ready before your next meal. Because it’s so thin, it’s very easy to roll up and put in your diaper bag, too.

One thing to keep in mind is that the fabric is designed to mildly repel water, not absorb liquids, so anything that doesn’t land in the pocket will land on the floor. And it’s not 100% waterproof so a really determined spill might soak through. The Velcro for attaching the bib is at the side rather than the back which makes it slightly easier to use. One complaint we’ve heard about these bibs though? They’re just too fun. Some children end up being distracted from their meal because they are playing with the animal ears on the bibs.


  • Dimensions: 9” x 8.5”
  • Water-resistant lightweight fabric
  • Machine wash cold, hang dry

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March 7, 2017

It's too bulky for a baby if you want them to baby led wean or pick on finger foods. She can't see over it and it keeps bunching up around her arms and neck. It is cute though!

October 12, 2016

This is our go-to bib for when we feed our daughter who is just starting baby foods. I like the little pocket on the bottom to catch food and it is easy to clean. Because the material is thin, it is comfortable for our daughter to wear as well.

April 30, 2016

Easy to use and clean.