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color: Bigfoot Believes



What weabout it
Board books designed to help you create loving routines and promote positive life skills.


The brainchild of two moms—a child therapist and an educator—Slumberkins Sleepytime Rhymes illustrated board books feature interactive routine designed to deepen your bond with your child and promote positive life skills:

Bigfoot: self-esteem and positive self-concept

Fox: coping with change, anxiety reduction and family attachment

Yeti: mindfulness, mind-body connection, anxiety reduction and concentration

Sloth: relaxation and sleep, mind-body connection and anxiety management

Narwhal: problem solving, responsibility and teamwork

Unicorn: authenticity, bravery and friendship

Alpaca: sleep security, anxiety management, coping skills and stress relief

The books each correspond to a Slumberkins lovey, which can be purchased separately or in a bundle.


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