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This mesmerizing mobile transforms into a portable music box.


Tiny Love’s Classic Mobile attaches to your crib to soothe and entrance your baby.

The mobile has bright colors as well as bold black-and white-patterns, with friendly faces for your baby to focus on. The mobile plays classical music and has a soft night light on the music box.

You can adjust the mobile to moderate the level of stimulation—opt for the full experience of movement, music and lights, or activate just one feature at a time. It’s battery operated and will spin and play music for 20 minutes continuously, a big advantage over mobiles that need to be wound by hand and play only for a short time.

You can remove the mobile arm when your baby outgrows it (at around 5 months), leaving the music box for your baby to play with, either attached to the crib or independent of it. (It has a night light, too).

Unlike some other mobiles, this one mounts securely on the vertical crib slats, not the rails, which means it will work with cribs that have wider top rails.

This mobile has many grown-up fans and repeat customers; parents report that it has great battery life and clear sound, holds up well, and, most important, is mesmerizing for baby.


  • 12.6” x 8” x 11.4”
  • 3 AA batteries (not included)

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