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This baby gym comes with toy arches and a removable interactive music toy.


A baby gym is an excellent investment for the early months—it’s a flexible play space that encourages all kinds of development and provides a fun, comfortable spot for your little one.

This Deluxe version of Tiny Love’s Gymini has all the basic features of its standard-issue counterpart—a mat and arches with hanging toys—plus a detachable interactive toy with lights and sounds. (For more bells and whistles, the Dynamic Gymini has a larger mat, toy arches that open out to accommodate a parent or a second baby and an interactive toy that also records sound.)

Use the play mat from one to two months as a safe space to lay your baby on her back; the overhead arches give the safe feeling of an enclosed space.

From two to four months, the hanging toys provide visual stimulation and encourage your baby to reach, helping gain arm control.

From four to six months, you can use the mat for tummy time—there are varied textures to engage your baby and a mirror to encourage self-recognition and help extend their interest in tummy time.

For older babies, you can stash the arches and just use this as a play mat.

The toy arches are adjustable, so you can arrange them to suit your baby, and the toys (including a teether) detach so you can use them anywhere you like.

The interactive bird toy works with the mat in all modes, and also detaches so you can take it with you. It has three modes: continuous music featuring 30 different songs, baby-activated and “off” (this one may become very important in moments when you can’t stand to hear another electronic nursery tune).

Unlike some other play mats, the machine washable mat is fairly thick, and you can even use it as a changing pad in a pinch.


  • Up to 6 mos.
  • 34” x 31” x 14.5”
  • 3 AAA batteries required (not included)
  • Machine-washable mat

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July 10, 2019

Wish to have one of my own some day. I love it because it’s super feminine.