A Baby Monitor that Lets You See and Hear Clearly, Anywhere
A Baby Monitor that Lets You See and Hear Clearly, Anywhere
May 29, 2018

A Baby Monitor that Lets You See and Hear Clearly, Anywhere

A Baby Monitor that Lets You See and Hear Clearly, Anywhere.
The Safety 1st HD WiFi Baby Monitor has a crisp, clear picture—and sound alerts—for extra peace of mind. A Baby Monitor that Lets You See and Hear Clearly, Anywhere

When choosing which baby products to add to your registry or buy for your little one, some purchases are easier to decide on than others.

Baby clothes, board books and stuffed animals? Go with what you like. But baby monitors, car seats or strollers? You want to make sure you’re getting the best.

When it comes to video baby monitors, the new Safety 1st HD WiFi Baby Monitor with Smart Audio Parent Unit solves many of the problems that parents face with other similar products, with innovative features to help you stay more connected to your baby.

Why we’re into it

A clear picture

  • This is really what every parent wants most—crisp, high-quality video to easily see what’s going in that nursery. This Safety 1st monitor has HD 720p video to ensure you get a clear view of what baby is doing without any blurriness.
  • A wide 130-degree viewing angle lets parents see the whole nursery without the need to pan or tilt the camera, plus a 5x digital zoom so you can get close up. And it has ultra-clear infrared night vision so you can see better in the dark.
  • It uses less data and power, which means less buffering, even as you’re binge watching your favorite show (maybe someday?).
  • Crisp picture quality even in low bandwidth areas, which is handy because not everyone has access to high-speed internet access in their homes.


  • The video connects through an app on your smartphone (both Android and iPhone). You have your phone with you all time anyway, so it’s nice there’s no additional video monitor to move around the house. This also means you can easily view your baby when you’re at work, traveling or out on a date night (because you’ll probably be talking about the kiddo anyway).
  • You can grant monitor access to other caregivers, whether it’s the sitter or grandma, on a regular basis or just for an afternoon.
  • A 24-hour timeline allows you to relive what baby was doing in the middle of the night, or want to share some of their cute shenanigans on social media or via text, you can.

Peace of mind

  • The camera is both sound and motion activated to let you know when baby is crying, fussing or moving around and sends alerts directly to your phone. You can customize alerts to specific activity levels, so you’re only notified about what matters to you.
  • The accompanying smart audio parent unit gives visual cues even without your smartphone, and filters out that annoying static you hear with other audio monitors.
  • Two-way talk through your smartphone or the audio parent unit lets you comfort your baby no matter where you are.
  • Privacy protection. This baby monitor has an on-board enhanced physical encryption chip, which sets up a separate firewall between the monitor and a home’s internet connection so no one can listen in.
  • A 12-hour-plus battery life to get you through the night. And, it’s rechargeable, so you don’t have to be near a plug to watch baby or churn through disposable batteries.

Other things to consider

  • This one’s obvious, but you’ll need a smartphone and a home WiFi connection. While it’s convenient to be able to view baby through your phone, some parents are used to having an external video monitor.
  • Setting up the camera is fairly straightforward, but some minor tech knowledge (your WiFi password, for example) is required. Videos to guide you through the process are available on the Safety 1st website and within the monitor’s app (available in the App Store for iPhones and on Google Play for Android devices).
  • At almost $200, this isn’t one of the cheaper baby monitors on the market, but it has a lot of features many parents think are worth paying for. It’s also available without the audio parent unit at a more affordable $150.

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