About Us: Babylist Content
About Us: Babylist Content
October 10, 2018

About Us: Babylist Content

Babylist editors love baby gear and independently curate their favorite products to share with you. If you buy something through links on our site, Babylist may earn a commission.
About Us: Babylist Content .
About Us: Babylist Content

Whether you are preparing for your first child or are a seasoned parent welcoming your second (or more!) baby, there’s a lot to plan for. We want to help you make the best product decisions for your growing family. Babylist will help you discover new and innovative products, as well as the tried-and-true, can’t-live-without classics.

We’re also here as you navigate your journey to parenthood—and beyond—whether you’re trying to conceive, get pregnant, adopting or taking another path to building your family.

How Does Babylist Choose the Products for Our Guides?

Babylist product guides cover major baby gear decisions like car seats and strollers, as well as everyday needs such as bottles and bibs.

Some guides, such as our Babylist Best Awards and our guides to carriers, swaddles and cribs, are survey driven. We ask thousands of real Babylist families about the baby products they love the most. We then take the top picks they share with us and add our own research and insight to help you choose what’s right for you and your family.

Other guides—think nursery decor, sippy cups and best toys for 1-year-olds—are chosen by our editorial team based off of our own research and use of products.

Babylist is the expert in baby gear, and these guides exemplify that. All of our guides are written with real parents in mind, conveying what value these products bring to expecting and new parents. Think advice from your been-there big sister or in-the-know best friend.

Full transparency: Babylist may earn compensation from affiliate links in our content or by selling products in our Babylist store, but this does not influence which products we choose to cover.

Babylist Newsletters

Babylist has three email newsletters: Hello Baby, our weekly roundup of parenting and pregnancy articles; Pregnancy Week-by-Week, a weekly guide to what’s happening with your growing baby and your body; and Your Baby Week-by-Week, a weekly look at baby’s development and milestones (plus parenting tips) for baby’s first year. You can sign up for pregnancy emails here or create a Babylist account to sign up for other newsletters.

Babylist Sponsored Content

Babylist features sponsored content on the site. Babylist’s free site, apps and email newsletters are made possible by our sponsors. We limit our sponsored content to relevant partners that offer products and services we believe in and use ourselves.

How to Pitch Products to Babylist

While our guides are selected by our editorial team, we’re always on the hunt for the best, new products on the market. If you’re a PR rep and have a product that is new to the market, has a new collection of patterns or is an improved version of a classic, let us know.

Interested in Writing for Babylist?

We’re always looking for experienced freelance writers to help us write our product guides and articles on pregnancy and parenting. If you’re an amazing writer who can deliver a great turn of phrase, never miss a deadline, turn in clean copy and have experience writing for baby-focused or parenting publications, we’d love to hear from you.

About Babylist

Founded in 2011, Babylist is the fastest-growing universal baby registry in the U.S. Babylist serves millions of families each month to help them make the journey to parenthood less overwhelming. 1 in 5 first-time expectant families use Babylist to add any item from any store to their registry, alongside meaningful gifts like babysitting and meals they can’t buy in stores. Babylist reaches over 750,000 expectant and new parents each week through our Hello Baby and pregnancy emails.

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