First Look: The New Oversized Baby Bonding Playmat from aden + anais
First Look: The New Oversized Baby Bonding Playmat from aden + anais
December 1, 2020

First Look: The New Oversized Baby Bonding Playmat from aden + anais

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First Look: The New Oversized Baby Bonding Playmat from aden + anais

Aden + anais is best known for making big, soft, luxurious swaddles in fun prints (this adorable swaddle set gives you a taste of what they do best). Now, they’ve applied those same qualities to a brand-new oversized playmat in a footprint that’s big enough for you to join in on the tummy time fun. Babylist Scout Gina has a first look at this new playtime gear in the video above.

A Playmat with Room to Grow

It isn’t always obvious what your baby is going to like best about their play area. But the nice thing about the aden + anais baby bonding playmat is that there’s lots of flexibility for how you can use it. There are five different discovery “zones” built into the generously-sized playmat, including a removable plush bird that rattles, a removable sun mirror for the baby version of selfies, two different crinkle toys for sensory development and peek-a-boo tropical leaves that help with cognitive development (and are just plain fun for your baby).

aden + anais baby bonding playmat GIF

Beyond its size, the most noteworthy thing about the aden + anais baby bonding playmat is the feel. The front of the mat is made from the same ultrasoft 100% cotton muslin that aden + anais uses for their swaddles (the back is 100% cotton as well) and then the inside is stuffed with hypoallergenic filling to make it nice and soft and cushiony.

Unroll and Go

One of the highlights of the aden + anais playmat is that there is nothing to set up. You just unroll it and go—this also makes it a great option if you’re registering for a play gym that doesn’t come with its own mat or if you simply want the option to use your playmat and play gym separately. When you’re done, it folds up like a blanket (or you can flip it over to the more minimal design on the back and let it camouflage with your decor). The mat is also machine washable, though pro tip: Gina recommends removing the sun and the bird toys first to help them stay extra plush.

When you’re trying to choose the right play area for your baby, it often seems like there are two choices: maximalist play gyms or minimalist playmats. But the aden + anais baby bonding playmat is a lovely combination of both. It has the ease and portability of a playmat with the interactive accessories of a play gym (minus the actual gym). Catch Gina’s full video review to see how she and her baby get down with this new baby bonding playmat.

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