Baby Shower Ideas
So You're Gonna Have a Baby Shower?
May 15, 2017

So You're Gonna Have a Baby Shower?

So You're Gonna Have a Baby Shower?.
So You're Gonna Have a Baby Shower?

Showers can be gendered and outdated, but like weddings, baby showers aren’t just about the future parent(s).

They are about your community – people who’ve known you your whole life, who cried when you told them you were expecting, and who want to honor this rite of passage with pregattinis, baby rattle cake pops, and a cute giraffe.

So how do you deal? Here’s our guide for not just getting through it but enjoying it.

Who should host? This etiquette is so antiquated. Whoever wants to should do it, probably your sister, bestie, close aunt, or even you (if you’re up for it).

When to have it? 6 - 8 weeks before your due date is a good rule of thumb.

Pro tip: More and more families are opting to skip the gift ceremony. If honoring gifters is really important, consider a display shower instead where guests bring unwrapped gifts. This is totally a thing.

Who to invite? Sisterhood is powerful, and women-only showers can be a great celebration for moms-to-be. If you want some real talk (and to cut the guest list in half), keep it ladies only.

That said, some find women-only baby showers to be off-putting, so if your partner wants to join and you’re cool with it, feel free to open the doors.

Games to play? It’s no secret that most shower games are terrible. Here are three winning activities to try instead:

  1. Onesie Decoration: Buy a few packs of white onesies in a variety of sizes (up to one year) and fabric paint or markers. And voila! (Here are pattern ideas for inspiration.)

  2. Baby Mad Libs: Print these. Your funniest friends can read them out loud to keep the mood light and festive, and some wise souls might give you good advice, too.

  3. ABC Blocks: Get some blank blocks and put out colored Sharpies for people to make a DIY alphabet and number block set.

Needs more ideas? Here are 11 types of fun baby shower games and eight printable games for your shower.

Remember to relax and enjoy yourself. Everyone is there to celebrate you and your little baby.

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