Best Baby Sleepwear for Every Age and Stage
Best Baby Sleepwear for Every Age and Stage
September 18, 2018

Best Baby Sleepwear for Every Age and Stage

Best Baby Sleepwear for Every Age and Stage.
Best Baby Sleepwear for Every Age and Stage

While magical sleep-through-the-night pajamas don’t exist just yet, some sleepwear choices are better suited than others to meet your little one’s sleep needs as they grow and change.

And in a sea of adorable options, it can be difficult to know exactly what your baby will need and when they’ll need it. With these tips in mind, you’ll choose the right sleepwear for your baby and make your ever-changing life with a little one a bit easier.

  • Start with the basics: Baby sleepwear goes through a lot of wear and tear. Look for items that are affordable enough to stock up on and durable enough to be worn and washed again and again.
  • Keep it simple: Whether it zips, snaps or slides right on, baby sleepwear should be easy. The last thing you want to be dealing with in the middle of the night is tricky clothing.
  • Safety first: Above all else your baby’s sleep space should be safe, and this is particularly true when it comes to sleep apparel. Select sleepwear that is temperature appropriate and fits properly to ensure that your baby sleeps soundly and safely.

If there’s one other thing to remember, it’s that babies grow fast. You can avoid being caught off guard by your baby’s next sleep stage by having the proper sleepwear for each phase of development on hand.

Here’s baby sleepwear for different ages and stages, featuring items from Carter’s.

For the Littlest Sleepers

Sleep gowns create an extra-cozy environment for young babies to sleep in. Crafted with babysoft cotton and cinched hems, sleep gowns make it easy to change diapers, especially in the middle of the night. With cuffs that fold over baby’s hands, these sleep gowns are ideal to prevent newborns from scratching their sensitive skin.

For Early Soothing

Swaddling allows your baby to feel safe and comforted and can be especially calming for fussy or colicky babies. These swaddles are made of super-soft, breathable cotton and easy-to-use Velcro tabs that will keep your baby warm and snug without all the guesswork of a traditional swaddle.

For the Rolling Over Sleeper

Once your baby has started to roll onto their tummy and is ready to move around more freely in their crib, it’s time to move out of the swaddle and into a sleep bag. Sleep bags feature easy-on zip-front closures to keep your baby safe and warm as they move through the night, without getting tangled up in loose blankets. Similar to sleep gowns, sleep bags make nighttime diaper changes super simple by zipping from feet to neck. And with this handy 2-pack, you’ll have an extra sleep bag ready for those unfortunate middle-of-the-night messes.

For Complete Comfort, Anytime

Ideal for sleep time, play time or tummy time, this one-piece is every parent’s new baby must-have! With your choice of a zipper closure for speed or snap closure for convenience, all Sleep & Play’s fasten with a safety tab to protect little chins. The Sleep & Play is comfy and loose-fitting to accommodate all of baby’s wiggling and squiggling.

For Natural Comfort

All the great features of the traditional Sleep & Play with the added benefit of 100% certified organic cotton, this soft one-piece keeps your little one comfy and cozy from naptime to playtime—especially those with extra sensitive skin. With nickel-free snaps on a reinforced panel, the Organic Sleep & Play will last and last no matter how many diaper changes it goes through.

These cute sleepwear options from Carter’s will help keep baby safe and cozy, throughout baby’s first year.

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