Video Review: Babysense Split Screen Monitors Let You Be in Two Places at Once
Video Review: This Split Screen Monitor Lets You Be in Two Places at Once
November 23, 2021

Video Review: This Split Screen Monitor Lets You Be in Two Places at Once

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Video Review: This Split Screen Monitor Lets You Be in Two Places at Once

Almost every baby monitor you’ll find—from budget options to high-end “smart” monitors—will have one thing in common: they are designed to keep an eye on one baby in one spot. Which is what most parents need in the first few months. But if you’re expecting multiples or think you may want to grow your family (or even just as your baby becomes more mobile), one spot may not always cut it.

Babysense developed their split-screen baby monitors to let you quickly see two different spaces at once. Which can be handy if you:

  • Have twins and want to be able to mount a monitor above each crib
  • Are expecting a second (or third) baby and want to monitor two bedrooms at the same time
  • Have a mobile toddler and want to let them play independently between a bedroom and a playroom

Babylist Gina tested out the two-camera setup in the video review above.

Babysense Split Screen GIF

What It Does

Babysense split-screen monitors come with two cameras and a dedicated monitor, and you have two options to choose from: an HD model and a non-HD model (Gina tested the HD version, which is about $30 more and has a bigger screen and longer battery life than the standard def version). Here’s what you can expect from the Babysense HD S2 split-screen monitor.

  • Five-Inch HD Display Monitor: Unlike WiFi monitors, where you stream a video feed to your phone, Babysense monitors are a closed system and come with their own video monitor (some parents prefer this because they’re harder to hack and you don’t always have to have your phone on you).
  • All-Day Battery: No need to worry about keeping this on the charger. The HD S2 lasts for 20 hours in ECO mode and 12 hours in regular mode.
  • 360-Degree View: Since these monitors are meant to go beyond the crib, the camera rotates all the way around so you can see every part of your baby’s room (you can see what that looks like in action at the 1:09 mark in Gina’s video). You can also pan side-to-side, tilt up-and-down and zoom in up to four times using the buttons on your monitor.

Babysense Pan GIF

  • Single View or Split Screen: Don’t need a split screen yet? Start with just the single view of your baby, and then utilize the split screen option when you need it.
  • Connect Four Cameras: While this monitor comes with two cameras in the box, you can actually connect up to four cameras at a time. You’ll still only be able to see two camera views in split screen mode, but you can alternate between split screens to peek in on those other cameras when you need to.
  • Bonus Audio Features: You can also chat with your baby through two-way audio, or use your monitor to play lullabies and white noise to help them fall asleep.

If you do opt for the non-HD version (a savings of $30), you won’t get the larger HD screen and extended battery life. Otherwise, most of the features are the same. Keep in mind, non-WiFi monitors like this do have a more limited range than their WiFi counterparts. So don’t expect to be spying on your baby when you’re out for date night.

Why You’d Want That

It’s not uncommon for parents to choose a baby monitor with one baby in mind, and then end up having to buy extras when baby number two (or three) comes along. With the Babysense HD Split Screen Video Baby Monitor, you get a lot more flexibility built-in. Use it with one baby forever. Or expand your kit up to four cameras and keep an eye on your whole brood at once. And the nicest part is that you don’t need separate monitors to keep up with all those separate cameras.

At just under $200 for the HD model, Babysense packs a lot of gear into one box. Want to see what a split screen baby monitor looks like in action? Watch Gina’s complete video review for the full scoop.

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