What to Do When Bathtime Feels like a Chore
What to Do When Bathtime Feels like a Chore
February 4, 2020

What to Do When Bathtime Feels like a Chore

What to Do When Bathtime Feels like a Chore.
What to Do When Bathtime Feels like a Chore

Some babies really look forward to the nightly ritual of bathtime. It’s soothing. It sets the pre-bedtime tone. They get to bond with their favorite people (aka you) while enjoying a warm soak. What’s not to love?

But not all babies are born ready to act out scenes from The Little Mermaid. While Instagram might make bathtime seem like a peaceful retreat, if your little one resists their daily rinse down, it can make you want to throw in the towel altogether (so to speak). But no need to worry. We’ve partnered with OXO Tot to share some of our favorite ideas to make bathtime more fun for babies and toddlers alike. So if you’re anxious about pending tub time with your little one, here are a few ways to make it more enjoyable for everyone involved.

Change Up the View

Babies find comfort in routine. But sometimes that familiarity can work against you. If your baby resists their current bathtime environment or starts fussing once they see the bathroom door, try switching up the time or location of their daily soak. A portable tub like the OXO Tot Splash & Store Bathtub lets you bathe your baby in their favorite spot of the house, so you can change their surroundings as you see fit. It may just be that the kitchen floor is where your baby feels most comfortable splashing around at the end of the day.

Make It a Mini Spa

While you don’t want to go too heavy on the fragrances with little ones, for slightly older babies you can spice up bathtime with a soothing spa treatment (like a bath bomb that infuses your baby’s bath water with calming essential oils like lavender and chamomile). Or an even more low-key hack? Freeze food coloring and essential oils with water in ice cube trays and let them melt into a swirl of colors and scents in the bath. Don’t worry, the OXO Tot tub drains in less than thirty seconds and is easy to wipe down, so you aren’t in danger of leaving behind any spa time residue.

Get a Little Messy

If you’re feeling crafty, you can make homemade bath paint with a few household ingredients or combine shaving cream and food coloring for squishable fun. Even babies who are too small for traditional bath toys will be distracted by the colorful, tactile experience. Pro tip: Make a big batch and you can store any extras in these single-serving containers for later. And if you’re not feeling crafty, there’s no shame in letting someone else DIY your art supplies for you (aka buying premade bath crayons, paints or moldable soap at the store).

Don’t Overdo It

While many babies enjoy the wind-down of a nightly bathtime routine, there’s actually no hard science that says your baby needs to be bathed that often—a few days a week will do the trick. In fact, over-bathing an infant can dry out their skin. That goes for hair washing too; once a week is all that’s needed for babies. So it’s perfectly fine if you keep your tub tucked away most nights.

Make Bathtime Quick, Easy and Fun

The OXO Tot Splash & Store Bathtub is great for families who want the convenience of a dedicated infant tub without the clutter. The smart one-piece design can be used from 0-18 months without any added parts, cleans easily and stores flat. The narrow side cradles your newborn (no infant insert needed), while the wider end is perfect for toddlers to splash around in. When not in use, just fold the legs in to flatten and use the 360-degree hook to hang it from your shower head, towel rack or any other household hook, completely out of sight. See our full video review of the OXO Tot Splash & Store Bathtub here.

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