Best Baby Products of 2020
Best Baby Products of 2020
January 15, 2020

Best Baby Products of 2020

Babylist editors love baby gear and independently curate their favorite products to share with you. If you buy something through links on our site, Babylist may earn a commission.
Best Baby Products of 2020.
Babylist parents (thousands of you!) told us their can't-live-without products.Best Baby Products of 2020

When it comes to preparing for your new baby—whether it’s your first or your third—there’s so much baby gear out there to choose from. And while every baby and family is different, some products definitely rise to the top.

Like what? We asked Babylist families to tell us about the baby gear they can’t do without, and over 30,000 of you responded. We sorted through all the answers to bring you this list of the top favorites from Babylist parents.

Here are the things families say make life easier. Maybe one (or five!) will help you and yours.

Not Just for Nursing

Since its debut in 1989, the Boppy has been a must-have for many new parents. This nursing pillow helps prop baby up to help support them during feeding and give your arms and back a break—but it’s also great for helping with tummy time, leaning baby up against so they can see what’s going on around them, and helping them learn to sit. (All while supervised, of course!)

Soothe and Heal

What can’t you use Aquaphor for? This multipurpose ointment helps protect your baby’s sensitive skin from diaper rash (and helps soothe sore bottoms if they do get a rash), moisturizes chapped skin and red cheeks, and even heals minor cuts and scrapes. It’s a true nursery and diaper bag staple.

Grows with Your Family

There’s so much to love about the Vista, a parent (and baby) favorite that continues to only get better with each new edition. This beautiful, durable stroller features a full-size reversible seat with a full recline, a huge storage basket, a cushy suspension system, outstanding maneuverability, and so many more thoughtful details. (Hello there, gorgeous leather handlebar accents.) The Vista comes with a bassinet for the newborn days and can accommodate up to three children with the addition of a rumble seat and a ride-along board as your family grows.

Nighttime Multitasker

The Hatch Rest sound machine may look minimal, yet it’s anything but. This smart nursery item is a nightlight, sound machine and okay-to-wake clock all rolled into one (beautiful) package. You can choose from pre-programmed light and sound settings or customize your own—all controllable right from your phone. And the Hatch also works as a toddler alarm clock as your baby grows.

To-Do: Create Your Babylist

With Babylist, you can add any item from any store onto ONE registry. You’ll even get a Hello Baby Box full of free (amazing!) goodies.

Soft and Snuggly

Soft carriers are a great option for calming a fussy baby and keeping them close, especially during the fourth trimester, but they can be confusing to use. Not the case with the Solly Baby Wrap. This buttery-soft, lightweight wrap carrier is easy to get the hang of (we promise!) and supports baby while also being comfortable for you. It comes in a universal fit for every wearer, and this classic, black-and-natural stripe print available exclusively at Babylist.

Helps Reduce Colic

The unique venting system on Dr. Brown’s sets these bottles apart from others on the market. The vents eliminate air bubbles during feeding, reducing the amount of air your baby takes in while eating and potentially helping to prevent colic, spit-up and general fussiness. The bottles do take a bit of effort to clean (there are a lot of small parts, and there’s a special brush that’s included in the set), but many parents don’t seem to mind trading a bit more elbow grease for a more content baby.

Brilliantly Simple

A manual breast pump is a convenient solution for breastfeeding or pumping parents that’s easy to keep stashed away in a purse or diaper bag. The Haaka takes this ease to a new level—simple squeeze the silicone pump, attach it to your breast and let the suction work its magic. This ingenious pump is compact, travel-friendly and easy to clean and works well for milk expression and for catching milk from your let down on one side while your little one is feeding from the other.

No Batteries Required

A bouncer is a fun, safe spot for baby to relax and play while you’re busy doing other things, and this minimalist one from BabyBjorn is one of the best. The brilliantly simple design creates an ergonomic seat that moves in response to your baby’s movements. The fabric slips off for easy cleaning in the washing machine, and the bouncer folds flat for compact storage. When your little one gets older, the bouncer can be reversed and used as a chair.

Light and Luxurious

There’s a lot to love about this parent favorite car seat from Nuna. For starters, the Pipa weighs only 8 pounds, making it one of the lightest infant car seats around. (Your biceps will thank you!) It’s extra easy to install thanks to a special True Lock safety system and is packed with extra safety features. And don’t forget the high-end fabrics, all flame resistant but without any added fire retardant chemicals. If you’re looking for an even lighter seat, check out Nuna’s Pipa Lite, another parent favorite. It weighs only 5.3 pounds, but just keep in mind that you’ll always need to use it with the base, not with a seat belt.

From Breast to Bottle

The first thing you’ll notice about a Comotomo bottle is its squishy feel. Made from silicone, this soft bottle feels more like skin than glass or plastic bottles do, and squeezing the flexible base mimics the let-down action of nursing. These bottles work well for babies who transition between breast and bottle feeding, and the wide base and minimal parts make for fast and easy cleaning—a feature all parents appreciate.

Close and Comfortable

Finding a baby carrier that works for you can be a matter of personal preference, but lots of parents agree that the Ergobaby Omni 360 is one of the most comfortable carriers around. It features four carry positions (front carry facing in, front carry facing out, back carry and hip carry) as well as an adjustable belt and padded shoulder straps, and the 360 works from day one until most little ones are about four years old.

Mess-Taming Diaper Changes

The Keekaroo turns the traditional changing pad on its head. Goodbye to changing pad covers and liners that constantly need to be tossed into the wash and hello to a non-slip, waterproof and (most importantly) completely wipeable modern changing pad. Genius!

One-Handed Fold

Lots of strollers advertise a one-handed fold and don’t deliver, but the City Mini GT2 lives up to the hype. This agile stroller with all-wheel suspension, an adjustable handlebar and a near-flat seat recline really does close in only a few seconds with one quick yank of a strap. You can create your own travel system using an infant car seat adapter (sold separately) and use the stroller from the newborn days up until 65 pounds.

Self-Soothe to Sleep

Designed around the fact that many babies’ natural sleep position is with their arms up, the Swaddle UP combines that premise with the security of a traditional swaddle for a creative, simple swaddle sack that offers your baby natural comfort. The easy zipper and sack-like design makes getting the swaddle on quick and easy (a nice change from many other more traditional swaddles). Babies are able to self-soothe with their hands and the snug fit still manages to calm the startle reflex, helping to promote longer stretches of sleep.

Paci + Plush

Pacifiers are great for soothing fussy babies…until they fall out of your little one’s mouth or get lost. That’s why the Wubbanub is so ingenious. This pacifier + attached plush is both easy for your little on to grab onto themselves and tough to lose at the bottom of your diaper bag. There are tons of cute animals to choose from too.

Hybrid Magic

The transformer of baby gear, the Doona is a car seat and a stroller all rolled into one awesome hybrid. All you need to do is fold back the wheels, retract the handle and slot it into the car seat base (you can also use a seat belt) and boom—you just turned your stroller into a car seat. The Doona is perfect for city families or for any parent who’s on the go and isn’t looking to be bogged down with too much gear.

Born to Run

The BOB Revolution Flex makes the running experience great for you and your little one. A key feature to this jogging stroller is the adjustable handlebar positions; there are nine to choose from, so whether you’re tall, short or right in between, there’s a comfortable push position right for you. We also love the ultra shock-absorbent suspension system, huge cargo basket, full seat recline and the high weight limit (75 pounds) which means using it with older kiddos won’t be an issue.

Smart Time-Saver

We’re here for all the things that save you time and hassle as a new parent—and the Baby Brezza checks both of those boxes. Simply fill this automatic formula mixer with water and formula and it’s ready to make up to 20 eight-ounce bottles at the touch of a button. You can even customize bottle size and temperature, and you don’t have to worry about air bubbles, either. Your 3 am self is thanking you already.

On the Go

Well priced, durable and easy to set up and break down, the Graco on the Go Playard is a longtime parent favorite. Playards make traveling with your little one a whole lot easier. They’re also great for creating a safe spot to put baby when you’re busy doing other things or simply need a break. The standout here is the push-button fold mechanism that makes setting up this playard (and taking it down) quick and simple.

Fun that Grows

The Play Gym by Lovevery was designed by child development experts—and it shows. There are five “development zones,” each packed with activities for your little one from the newborn days (think things like high-contrast toys and cards, a batting ring and a detachable teether) all the way through to toddlerhood (the gym turns into a small fort for older kiddos). The gym also includes a play guide with research-backed play suggestions for all developmental stages through the first year.

Supportive and Secure

If you’re looking for a firm, supportive nursing pillow, look no further than the My Brest Friend. Much firmer than other nursing pillows on the market, My Brest Friend helps you position your breastfeeding baby for a better latch and in a way that reduces strain on you. We also love the wrap-around design that keeps the pillow nice and secure as well as the adjustable strap for a custom fit.

Bottom Soother

Diaper creams are not all created equally. Desitin is a longtime standout thanks to its fast-acting zinc oxide formula that helps soothe, prevent and treat your little one’s diaper rash. It’s a good choice for relieving discomfort as well as for daily prevention.

Tried and True Classic

A good swaddle blanket is a nursery staple that can do so much more than keep your baby snug and calm. Swaddles are also great as play mats, changing pads on the go, nursing covers and more, and these Aden + Anais blankets are the gold standard. Made from 100% cotton muslin, they’re soft, light and oversized—and not to mention adorable.

Stink Stopper

There’s no getting around the fact that dirty diapers are smelly. But why settle for a diaper pail that doesn’t at least try to conceal these less-than-pleasant odors? The Ubbi is made of steel so it won’t absorb stinky smells as much as a plastic diaper pail would. There’s also a hermetically sealed top closure and a child safety lock to really keep the yuck at bay. And the best part? No special liner bags needed—the Ubbi uses regular old trash bags or even reusable cloth liners.

Powerful and Portable

Being tied down to a breast pump isn’t much fun. The Spectra S1 makes pumping a bit more portable; there’s a rechargeable battery so you don’t always need to be plugged in. Pair that with the fact that this hospital-grade pump is also super powerful (and quiet) and it’s easy to see why it tops so many pumping parents’ best-of lists.

One and Done

As its name implies, the BabyBjorn One is the only structured baby carrier you’ll need from the first days of your newborn’s life well into the toddler years. This well-loved carrier features four carry positions (as well as two height positions), multiple seat adjustments for leg position and padded shoulder straps along with a weight-distributing waistband. The One is also much easier to get on and off than many of the other structured carriers on the market, a huge bonus.

Swaddle to Sleep Sack

Loose blankets are a no-go in your baby’s crib, especially for the first year—and that’s where this 2-in-1 swaddle comes in. Use the easy Velcro wings to swaddle your newborn’s arms close to the body to recreate the snug feeling they experienced in the womb. Then, when it’s time to transition out of the swaddle, turn the Halo into a sleep sack by skipping the wings and swaddling your little one arms out. This SleepSack swaddle is made from midweight cotton and works in any season.

Squeaky Clean

If your baby is under three months old or has a compromised immune system, or if you just prefer things to be extra squeaky clean, a bottle sterilizer can kill 99.9% of the germs you don’t want. Baby Brezza’s sterilizer is the only one on the market with a built-in drying function—you can run both functions together or independently. And it fits up to six bottles of any shape or size, plus bottle accessories and even pump parts, so the days of boiling a pot of water and drying on the open counter are long gone.

Complete Convenience

With 10 different riding options, it’s hard to go wrong with the Graco Modes travel system. Complete with the SnugRide Click Connect 35 infant car seat and a reversible, full-recline stroller seat, the system truly grows with your child from newborn to toddler and even preschooler. The spacious stroller basket, parent and child cup holders and storage trays and the smooth one-handed standing fold make this travel system an affordable parent favorite.

All Wrapped Up

T-shirt softness and moldability for any body type make the Moby Wrap one of the most comfortable baby carriers out there. With one long piece of fabric, the Moby wraps around your entire torso and over your shoulders to create a cozy, kangaroo-like pouch for your baby, leaving your hands totally free. It doesn’t use any rings or buckles, and instead should be tied in knots at your hip. It’s especially good for newborns since it creates such a close snuggle.

An Easier Swaddle

Like the Halo SleepSack, the SwaddleMe is a Velcro swaddler that saves you from having to create a swaddle yourself out of blankets (which, let’s be real, you know your baby is going to wriggle out of). Parents love the straightforward design—just tuck baby’s arms in, fold the wings over, line up the Velcro patches and voilà, your little one is snuggled in. Keep in mind: parents don’t love that there’s no zipper, so middle-of-the-night diaper changes means opening the Velcro, which can be noisy.

Ultimate Moisture

Lotion is a must-have to keep that soft, sensitive baby skin from drying out, especially during the colder months. While there are seemingly endless brands of baby lotion out there, Aveeno was voted the best by Babylist parents because of its fast-absorbing and non-greasy formula. Their secret ingredient is natural colloidal oatmeal (oatmeal that’s been ground up and pre-soaked in water), so baby stays moisturized for a full 24 hours. Parents also love that it’s really gentle, since it’s free of phthalates, parabens and fragrances.

Luxury Lounger

Eventually, you’re going to need to put baby down, even just for a minute. Whether you’re squeezing in a quick yoga session or folding the laundry, the DockATot is a safe and comfy place for your baby to hang out nearby. The raised, rounded outer tube creates a cozy, womb-like pod, and at 29–34” long, it’ll fit most babies head to toe in the early months. And when baby gets a little bigger, it’s a perfect spot for tummy time. An added bonus: it’s super lightweight, so it can move from room to room with ease. Keep in mind: babies will outgrow it after about eight months.

Natural Rhythm

Although a baby’s favorite place is their parent’s arms, this high-tech seat is the next best thing. The mamaRoo is a bouncing, swaying seat that mimics the natural, gentle movements that caregivers make when soothing a fussy baby. You can choose from five different motions, like rock-a-bye, wave or even car ride (a figure-eight movement). Keep in mind: the mamaRoo isn’t approved for sleep. If your baby falls asleep while in the seat, be sure to transfer them to their bassinet or crib.

Over-the-Bed Bassinet

The first of its kind, the Halo BassiNest has an adjustable stand, a base that tucks under your bed and a bassinet that swivels 360 degrees. That means it can actually be placed over your mattress so you and your baby are right next to each other. You can keep an eye on your newborn through the sheer mesh sides that lower down under the weight of your arm. Lay a reassuring hand on your little one during the night or easily draw your baby close for breastfeeding. It provides the closeness of co-sleeping with the safety of separate sleep spaces.

Softest Diapers

Silky soft Pampers Swaddlers are super popular, especially for newborns. They’re specially shaped to avoid rubbing on the umbilical cord, and their flexible fit molds to your wee one’s body, cutting down on leakage. A wetness indicator lets you know when your baby needs to be changed too, so you don’t have to do the dreaded “sniff test.”

Long-Lasting Travel System

This travel system goes the distance—from the newborn days well into the toddler years—so you don’t have to worry about sizing up to a bigger stroller down the road. Unlike most strollers that have a 50-pound weight limit, this one works for kids up to 65 pounds. During the early days, you can safely nestle your wee one in the B-Safe infant car seat, which is narrow enough to fit into compact cars and also snaps right into the B-Free stroller. Parents love the B-Free’s easy-access storage basket, one-handed fold and huge SPF 50 canopy that protects kids from the elements. And when your baby turns into a toddler (it happens so fast!), they’ll still be riding comfy in the B-Free with its extra-tall seat.

Easiest Wrap Carrier

Soft wrap carriers create cozy cocoons for little ones, but can drive parents nuts with all the steps it takes to get one to fit right. The Baby K’Tan eliminates the fuss. Rather than having to create origami out of one super-long strip of fabric, you put this fitted cloth carrier on like a t-shirt and it’s ready to go in three super-simple steps. Made from natural cotton, it has a tiny bit of stretch for comfort. And, the double-loop design helps distribute baby’s weight across your shoulders and back.

Smart Sleep

Dr. Harvey Karp, author of The Happiest Baby on the Block, is basically a miracle worker when it comes to calming an irritable infant. He’s invented a genius sleep space that’s not only one of the safest on the market, but also can help quiet a crying baby (seriously!). This bassinet actually wailing, and turns on sounds and movement that mimic the womb, lulling your baby back to sleep. It also has an attachable, breathable swaddle that keeps your baby on their back. And if the price tag is enough to make you wail, the folks at Happiest Baby have introduced a Snoo rental program that cuts the cost down considerably!

Custom-Fit Swaddle

This swaddle does things a little differently. While it has Velcro closures like the SwaddleMe and the SleepSack, the Ollie Swaddle also features an open bottom (hello, easy diaper changes) that gets tied off with a sewn-on elastic band right below your baby’s feet. This means you can customize the length of the swaddle to fit your baby, making it especially helpful for longer babies. The one-size-fits-all design means it lasts longer than other swaddles, and your baby can even wear it once they start rolling over—just wrap it around their torso and leave one or both arms out. And parents say the soft, moisture-wicking fabric is a huge plus too.

Simple and Safe Car Seat

When it comes to car seats, the number one concern is whether they’re properly installed. That’s why parents appreciate that the KeyFit has two good-to-go signals: a built-in bubble level as well as a clicking sound when the car seat is securely snapped into the base. Another big win? The base is easy to install with just one tightening belt in the middle to fasten it to your vehicle’s seat. Purchase the KeyFit car seat on its own or in the Chicco Travel System, which also includes the Bravo stroller.

Efficient Breast Milk Storage System

Breast milk is like liquid gold and you don’t want to waste a drop of it. But spillage often happens when you transfer it from a breast-pump bottle to a milk storage bag and then back into a bottle later for a feeding. The Kiinde system solves the problem with a bag you can pump directly into. When it’s time for your little one to eat, you simply insert the milk bag into a bottle casing, attach a nipple and you’re good to go. So breast milk never leaves the bag until your baby drinks it. Until then, it gets stored in a stacked holder for efficient use of refrigerator or freezer space.

Comfy Carrier Year-Round

Some carriers can make you and your baby sweaty during warmer seasons—it’s all that cloth and padding. But the All Seasons carrier was designed with airflow in mind. A back panel unzips to expose a mesh lining that cools your little one down on hot days. The rest of the time you can keep the back panel zipped up to keep things warm and cozy. The six-position, structured carrier also provides excellent lumbar support for you and is roomy enough for kids up to 45 pounds.

Stay-Dry Diapers

Huggies Little Snugglers diapers have a super absorbent liner that instantly wicks away moisture, which not only keeps your little one comfy but also protects sensitive baby skin from becoming irritated (hello, diaper rash). But don’t worry, you’ll know when your kiddo needs a fresh diaper because wetness indicator changes color. Snugglers also have an umbilical cord cutout for newborns and an inside pocket on the waistband to stop messes from traveling up the back.

Soothing Swing

The gentle swinging motion and soft, cozy seat of this swing mesmerizes wee ones. The turning of the mirrored mobile and the playful tunes will entertain them—at least long enough for you to take a quick shower or do the dishes. Choose from two different motions (side-to-side or front-to-back) and six speeds to find the combo your baby likes best.

The Perfect Glass Bottle

Glass bottles are making a comeback, especially for parents who prefer to avoid plastic. These ones by Philips Avent have soft, non-collapsible nipples designed to mimic the breast and make it easier for babies to latch on. They also have an anti-colic design so gas doesn’t get into your baby’s belly. But unlike other bottles, these ones have few separate parts, which means less to clean. And don’t worry about storing the bottles in the fridge and then heating them up. They’re made to withstand various temperatures and quick changes without breaking. Consider getting a starter set that has big and small bottles and two different nipple options.

Hands-free Diaper Disposal

An extra hand is something any parent could use, but especially when you’re dealing with a messy diaper situation and a squirmy baby. The Diaper Genie has a foot pedal so you can open it up even if your hands are full—like when you’re pinning down your baby and clutching a dirty diaper. Even better? It’s designed to lock in odors and keep any sign of smelly diapers where they belong—in the garbage.

Grows-With-Baby Activity Center

Babies love to bounce in seated activity centers like this one. But once they start walking, forget about it: The last thing they want is to be confined in a seat. Which is why this multi-stage center is so genius. The Skip Hop Explore & More transforms into a play zone for walking tots who can grab the toys along the table’s rim. Later, it becomes a toddler-sized table perfect for playing with building blocks or doing crafts or coloring.

Easy Carry Breast Pump

When you have to pump away from home, the Medela Pump in Style makes it easy to pack up and go. The double electric breast pump is built right into the tote bag. But there’s enough space left over to hold essentials like breast shields, storage bags and bottles. The powerful pump simulates the way a baby sucks while nursing—quick and shallow in the beginning, then switching to slow and strong—to express the most milk. It also comes with a cooler bag to store milk, plus there’s a power cord and battery pack, so you can pump even if there’s no electrical outlet or fridge.

To Help Babies Nod Off

When your baby is tired and fussy, you’ll do anything to help them fall asleep. But all that jiggling, rocking and lullaby-singing can wear you out. Time to pull out your secret weapon: the Baby Shusher. It’s a recording of shushing sounds (shh-shh) played over and over again that sends babies right into the snooze zone. The portable device can stand on its own or be worn around your wrist and comes with a 30-minute timer.

Baby’s Favorite Spot

Like a warm hug, this lounger makes newborns feel safely cocooned. The baby’s weight in the center of the lounger pulls bumper pillows in on all sides, mimicking the feeling of being gently held. Although it’s pricey, parents swear that it helps even colicky newborns calm down. You can also use the lounger for tummy time, changing diapers and more.

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