10 Best High Chairs of 2021
Best High Chairs of 2021
January 6, 2021

Best High Chairs of 2021

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Best High Chairs of 2021.
High chairs run the gamut when it comes to price and features. Whether you're looking for something cheap and chic or the Cadillac of chairs, this guide will help you decide what features work for your family, and which chair is right for you.Best High Chairs of 2021

You know what those adorable pics of babies with chubby cheeks and mashed fruit and veggies plastered all over their face have in common? There’s a high chair (and a mess) in every single one of them. When it comes to starting solid foods, it’s important to have a spot for your little one to nosh in that is safe and easy to clean.

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Do You Need a High Chair?

Yes, we recommend that you add a high chair to your registry for a few reasons. High chairs are convenient, and they help contain the mess that comes along with starting solids. But most of all, they position your little one in the proper upright position for eating, providing a safe, comfortable spot for them to kick off their lifelong journey with food.

How to Choose a High Chair

Do you live in a smaller space and eat most of your meals around a tiny table? Then a booster-style seat that straps right onto one of your chairs or one that clips to a counter may be right for you so baby can pull up a seat right at the table. Do you have a larger table, or live in a home with multiple eating areas? Then a standalone seat that comes with its own tray and can easily be moved from room to room may be your best bet.

When it comes to cleaning, some parents don’t mind sacrificing form for function and choose whatever high chair best fits their favorite aesthetic. But if you know constant scrubbing or getting into nooks and crannies is going to drive you nuts, you may want to stick with a basic, plastic model or one with wipeable fabric.

A few other things to consider when you’re choosing the high chair include:

  • Foldability. If space is an issue, you may want to consider a full-size chair that can be folded down and stored or a portable high chair.
  • Durability. Planning on a large family and passing your high chair down from kid to kid? Although they’re on the pricier side, investing in a well-made wooden seat might be the best choice for you.
  • How long will you use it? Think about how long you’re hoping to keep your little one in a high chair. There are several chairs that grow with your child, either by converting to a booster seat or even to an adult-sized chair.
  • Safety. Always consider your child’s safety when buying any piece of baby gear, but especially when it comes to choosing the best high chair. You’ll want to make sure your seat features a restraint system like a 3- or 5-point harness, good stability (if the chair has wheels, make sure they lock in place), a crotch post and nothing that’s going to pinch or catch on baby’s tiny fingers and toes—or on yours.

For even more info on choosing the right high chair for your family, check out our how-to video:

When Do You Need a High Chair?

Because you’ll be nursing or bottle feeding for a while, you won’t need a high chair until your baby starts eating solid food—usually around six months. But you’ll get good use of it long after that, up to two or three years old or beyond depending on the seat.

How We Chose Our Best High Chairs

We asked thousands of real Babylist families about the baby products they love the most, then took the top high chairs they shared with us and added our own research and insight. We think you and your little one will love at least one of these items too.

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Ultra Versatile

The Scoop
  • 6 seats in one
  • Grows with baby and can be used for two kiddos at once
  • Lots of height, recline and footrest adjustments
  • Large footprint, doesn’t collapse
What Our Experts Think

Versatility is the name of the game with the Graco 6-in1. The Blossom has just the right setup for each stage of your child’s development, from infant to bigger kiddo. It works as a traditional high chair, an infant booster, a toddler booster and a youth chair.

It’s designed with lots of thoughtful features like a convertible three- and five-point harness, a reclining seat, plenty of height and footrest adjustment options and one-handed tray removal. We also love that this chair can be used for two kids simultaneously; the included booster seat can be used for the big sibling while the high chair can be used with your little one at the same time.

What Babylist Parents Think

“Super easy to use, even one handed. Currently use high chair at home and have a booster seat at my parents’ house. So multi-functional. Easy to clean.” -Tali

What’s Worth Considering

The Blossom has a fairly large footprint and doesn’t fold down, so it’s not a great choice if you’re short on space. (If that’s the case, check out the Slim Snacker, another popular and much lower profile seat from Graco that features a one-handed fold.) And although the seat pad can be wiped down or put in the washing machine, some parents report that the small nooks and crannies are tough to clean.

Additional Specs
Weight 32 lbs
Height 41”
Usage From newborn up to 40 lbs; toddler booster and youth chair up to 60 lbs
Height Adjustments 6 positions

Best Portable High Chair

The Scoop
  • Hooks directly to most counters or tables
  • 4.2 pounds
  • Removable, washable cover
  • Works for babies 6+ months and up to 37 pounds
What Our Experts Think

If you don’t have the space for a traditional high chair (or simply don’t want to deal with yet another piece of large baby gear) or travel and go out to eat a lot, the Inglesina Fast Table Chair is a great option. This 4.2-pound cult favorite clamps right to the end of most tables and countertops. Although it’s small, it still boasts features that provide maximum comfort, like a high backrest and padded seat. Use it at home, at restaurants, on vacation or anywhere your child needs to eat food you’ve lovingly cut into small pieces that they undoubtedly will throw on the floor.

What Babylist Parents Think

“I think this chair should be on every parent’s registry! I love how easy it is to wash and travel with!” -Nora

What’s Worth Considering

Although some parents aren’t crazy about their little one dangling in a chair hooked onto a countertop, we promise that when installed correctly this chair is ultra sturdy. The only downside we see is that is the maximum weight limit of 37 pounds, which is fairly high but not quite as high as most full-sized high chairs on the market.

Additional Specs
Weight 4.2 lbs
Height 11”
Usage For babies 6 months and up until 37 lbs
Height Adjustments None

Modern Classic

The Scoop
  • A classic since 1972
  • Grows with your little one; converts to a chair that holds up to 242 pounds
  • Pulls right up to table
  • Costly, especially with add-ons
What Our Experts Think

We’re not going to lie—we have a major soft spot for this Scandinavian classic that’s been around since 1972 and is still going strong.

The Tripp Trapp checks all the right boxes: it’s stylish, durable, safe and lasts for years. The simple beechwood design doesn’t scream “baby gear” and fits seamlessly into your home decor. Unlike typical high chairs, the Tripp Trapp is intended to be pulled right up to the table so everyone can eat together. It also transitions from baby seat to sturdy kid seat, making it usable for years.

What Babylist Parents Think

“Easy to clean and adaptable as they grow! Sturdy and well made.” -Kate

What’s Worth Considering

There’s no getting around the Tripp Trapp’s biggest flaw: cost. The seat itself is expensive, then once you start throwing in extras like the Baby Set, tray or cushion, things can really start to add up. If you’re looking for a similarly modern seat with a bit less longevity, check out the brand’s Clikk High Chair.

Additional Specs
Weight 15.4 lbs
Height 31.1”
Usage Ages 6 months+ (it can hold up to a 242-pound adult!)
Height Adjustments 4 positions

More Affordable Wooden Option

The Scoop
  • Similar to Stokke Tripp Trapp but more affordable
  • Wooden
  • Comes with infant seat and tray
  • Scratches easily
What Our Experts Think

Love the look of a modern wooden seat but don’t want to spend on the Stokke? The Keekaroo Height Right is a great alternative. It’s very similar in style and function to the Tripp Trapp and comes with all the accessories you’ll need, all at a lower price point.

An infant insert and tray are all included in the box, as well as the seat, which comes in a huge array of color combos. The chair grows with your little one and eventually converts into an adult chair. It’s also really easy to wipe down and keep clean.

What Babylist Parents Think

“I love this high chair. It looks sleek, I love the wood and the modern feel. The seat pad washes super easily and the removable tray liner is awesome. I just wish the leg dividing piece was a bit more prominent.” -Ellie H.

What’s Worth Considering

The wood scratches and dings fairly easily. Adjustment takes a bit of work, requiring a small tool and a few minutes of your time. And you’ll need two hands to remove the tray.

Additional Specs
Weight: 14.5 lbs
Height: 33.5”
Usage: For 6+ months - 250 lb adults (converts into adult chair)
Height Adjustment: Seat adjusts in 1” increments

Classic with Contemporary Twist

The Scoop
  • Clean, modern lines
  • One-handed tray removal
  • Easiest to adjust of the wooden high chair options
  • Food can get stuck under cushions
What Our Experts Think

Rounding out our wooden high chair picks is the OXO Tot Sprout, a bit of a hybrid between a modern plastic seat and a traditional wooden one.

The Sprout uses a tray or can pull right up to the table. And speaking of trays…ever think you’d be obsessed with a high chair tray? (Welcome to parenting.) While most trays tilt when you set them on the counter, leading to extra messes, this one stays flat to keep plates in their place. It’s easy to maneuver with one hand and adjusts to just the right spot, ensuring food lands on the tray and not everywhere else. The Sprout even converts to a child-sized chair for kids up to five years old.

What Babylist Parents Think

“Awesome price, modern look and easy to remove the tray one handed.” -Scarlett

What’s Worth Considering

The padding is easy to wipe down, but food can sneak its way under the cushions. Parents also say water can get trapped in some of the tray’s crevices when you wash it in the sink, leading to hard-to-clean dirt or even mildew.

Additional Specs
Weight 30 lbs
Height 37”
Usage Ages 6 months-5 years
Height Adjustments 3 positions

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Best Budget High Chair

The Scoop
  • Ultra affordable
  • Easy to clean
  • No footrest
  • Not supportive for younger infants
What Our Experts Think

There’s no denying the beautiful simplicity and unbelievable affordability of this IKEA high chair. At just over 20 bucks, this no-frills chair is sturdy, compact and a breeze to clean thanks to the molded plastic surface. Plus, it’s lightweight and easy to move around. Lots of families keep one of these at grandma’s house since it’s easy on the wallet and easy to store.

What Babylist Parents Think

“Our IKEA high chair is stylish, easy-to-clean, and cheap. You. Can’t. Beat. That.” -Katie

What’s Worth Considering

There are a few major drawbacks of this seat. There’s no footrest and the tray is difficult to remove (many parents just leave it on). The safety buckle clips at the waist, which may not offer enough support for younger infants compared to a five-point harness. To add more comfort to the basic surface, buy IKEA’s support cushion and cover or find other cushions at places like Etsy.

Additional Specs
Weight 7.9 lbs
Height 35 3/8”
Usage When baby can sit up unassisted (around 5-6 months) until toddler age
Height adjustments: None

Best Compact High Chair

The Scoop
  • Affordable
  • Compact and attaches to most dining chairs
  • Converts to a booster
  • Hard to clean
What Our Experts Think

If your counter or table won’t accomodate a clip-on chair or you’re simply looking for a different type of compact option, then this space-saving high chair that attaches onto most dining chairs is a good, really affordable choice. There are lots of features that mimic a full-size seat like a three-position recline feature (which comes in handy for younger babies) and two height adjustments. The tray is easy to remove with one hand and features a deep dish to help prevent food from flying off of it. We also like that it lasts through the toddler years by converting into a booster seat.

What Babylist Parents Think

“Love that we can strap it to any chair and that it can swivel. Sometimes I wish I had one with wheels though.” -Allyson F.

What’s Worth Considering

Keeping this seat clean is the major complaint here. The seat fabric is machine washable, but removing it to throw in the wash all the time isn’t ideal because of all the straps you have to undo. (And you’ll need to wash it pretty frequently since it’s not the type of fabric that can easily be wiped clean). Another common complaint is the seat’s angle; some parents say that despite the recline angles, the pitch seems off and their little ones just don’t seem comfy in it.

Additional Specs
Weight 8 lbs
Height 19.5”
Usage Newborn up to 50 lbs
Height Adjustments 2 positions

Best Full-Size Highchair for Small Spaces

The Scoop
  • Most compact folding high chair on market
  • Stands when folded
  • Four height positions
  • Fairly large footprint when unfolded
What Our Experts Say

Lots of parents like the idea of a full-size high chair but don’t have the kitchen or dining space to accommodate one at all times. The City Bistro solves for this—it folds down to 80% of its size than when it’s unfolded, making it super compact and easy to tuck away next to a counter or even in a closet.

Other than the fold, which is definitely this seat’s standout feature, there are a few other things to love about the City Bistro. The seat is covered by a really comfy pad that’s stain resistant and machine washable. There’s calf support, a dishwasher-safe tray and a five-point harness. Two other unique things we loved are the tray storage on the back (the tray clips right onto the back of the high chair when folded, keeping everything organized) and that the chair stands independently when folded.

What Babylist Parents Say

“I love the having the convenience of a full-size high chair combined with something so compact that it barely takes up any room when folded. It’s really durable and easy to clean, too.” -Jen

What’s Worth Considering

Although this high chair does have an impressively small footprint when folded, it’s on the larger side when it’s unfolded; we found ourselves tripping over the back legs quite a bit. And the seat pad is removable (a huge plus), but we did find that food tended to get trapped beneath it, making it a bit of a pain to keep clean. Keep in mind: the Joovy Nook High Chair is another great option if you’re looking for a foldable seat.

Additional Specs
Weight 15.4 lbs
Usage Children starting at 6 months; up to 40 lbs
Height adjustments: 4 positions

From Kitchen to Playroom

The Scoop
  • Modern, minimalist and fun design
  • Converts to toddler chair
  • Easy to clean
  • Not much support for younger babies
What Our Experts Think

The look of the Lalo stands out from a lot of what’s out there in the high chair market, and that’s one of the things we love the most about it. The modern, minimalist design accents any space rather than detracting from it. The smooth surface is easy to wipe clean and assembly is really simple and takes only a few minutes.

The other cool feature of this chair is its versatility. For an extra $20, you can purchase the The Full Kit, which includes the high chair + an extra set of play chair legs. These legs convert the high chair into a toddler chair that can pull up to most play tables.

What Babylist Parents Think

“This modern-looking chair doesn’t stick out in my home like so many other baby gear items. And I love that I’ll be able to use it as a toddler chair once my baby gets a bit older.” -Kristin

What’s Worth Considering

The Lalo isn’t great for supporting younger babies, even with the seat cushion added. (And speaking of the seat cushion, some parents don’t love that food gets stuck underneath it after a meal.) The chair also has a very low profile, which makes feeding your little one while you’re standing up and tending to other kiddos a bit difficult without bending over unless you’re on the shorter side.

Additional Specs
Weight 10 lbs
Height 33”
Usage When baby can sit up unassisted (around 5-6 months) until 3 years old
Height Adjustments 2 positions, one in high chair mode and one for play chair

High Chair + Toddler Step Stool

The Scoop
  • High profile works with most countertops
  • Converts from high chair to toddler step stool
  • Reclines for younger babies
  • Large footprint
What Our Experts Think

There’s lots of functionality packed into this modern high chair from parent-favorite brand Skip Hop. Great for babies as young as three months all the way through the toddler years, this high chair is sturdy, easy to clean and features a height adjustable seat with three recline positions.

And speaking of height, as one of the higher chairs on our favorites list, the Sit-To-Step can easily be pulled up to many countertops, a feature that lots of parents love. They also love the shape of the seat, which cradles baby and helps minimize the mess, and that it converts into a toddler stool once the high chair days have passed. The chair comes with an infant seat insert and soft head support.

What Babylist Parents Think

“This seat is a lot easier to clean than it looks. And I love that I can pull it right up to my counter and skip the tray; that’s been a huge benefit for me as my kids mostly eat at the counter so I can keep cooking.” -Tonya

What’s Worth Considering

This high chair has a pretty big footprint both when in use and when folded. And the step stool option is probably best for older kiddos—there’s no back, so a younger child could potentially fall backwards.

Additional Specs
Weight 28 lbs
Height 44”
Usage High Chair: 3 months to 3 years, up to 33 lbs; Toddler Step Stool: 3+ years, up to 200 lbs
Height Adjustments 3 positions

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Choosing What’s Right for You

Before you know it, your newest family member will need a seat at the dinner table. As you decide on the best high chair for you, be sure to consider your space as well as your lifestyle so you make the right choice for your growing—and hungry!—family.

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