Gear Designed to Bring You and Your Baby Closer

Gear Designed to Bring You and Your Baby Closer

September 20, 2016

Gear Designed to Bring You and Your Baby Closer

Gear Designed to Bring You and Your Baby Closer
Photo by Stokke
Gear Designed to Bring You and Your Baby Closer

There are very few things about parenting everyone agrees on, but one point of consensus is that children need love to thrive. Parents have known this for generations, and the scientific research is now catching up.

Long-term studies have validated the idea that caregivers need to be affectionate and pay close attention to babies to help them develop physically, emotionally, and cognitively. “Show your love” is even the top tip for improving toddler behavior according to the Mayo Clinic.

Although it can be easy to neglect this ideal in the daily grind of life with a young child, some products are intentionally designed to promote your parent-child relationship. For example, an unwavering commitment to nurturing family bonding is the animating force behind the design process at Stokke, the acclaimed Scandinavian children’s brand. Stokke products like the Tripp Trapp chair, the Xplory stroller, and the MyCarrier baby carrier were all created to bring you and your child closer every day.

Tripp Trapp® Chair

Tripp Trapp philosophy

Before the iconic Tripp Trapp chair came out in 1972, chairs were either for adults or for babies. Designer Peter Opsvik wanted his toddler son, Tor, to sit at the dinner table–the center of family life–but existing high chairs kept Tor away from the table. So Peter designed a chair that adapts as children grow, keeping them close at meal times from infancy into young adulthood and beyond. Over the past 40 years, the chair has become a classic example of Scandinavian design–and a favorite of parents around the world.

Xplory® Stroller

Stokke Xplory Deep Blue 140815-25275

For many years, strollers were designed so children faced away from their parents, which could make children feel alone and uncomfortable. In 2003, Stokke first launched the Xplory stroller with a unique upright, parent-facing design. Xplory’s seat is high enough for baby to make eye contact with you while you’re strolling and has three positions for when your baby needs to rest or sleep on the go. The tight wheels make it a breeze to maneuver busy city sidewalks while keeping a close eye on your little one.

MyCarrier™ Baby Carrier

Stokke MyCarrier Deep Blue 150813-9461

Finally, what better way to stay close than wearing your baby? Stokke’s MyCarrier is completely adjustable to keep you and baby comfortable together, and it features three positions: front inward-facing, front forward-facing, and back carrying. (Even using the back carrier is a cinch because you snap the baby in first and use a built-in handle to put the baby on your back.) And the carrier is made of organic cotton to boot.

Whether at home or out and about, Stokke’s inspirational products keep you and your baby close to make it even easier to show your baby love and affection.

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