10 Stylish & Comfy Organic Cotton Baby Essentials
10 Stylish & Comfy Organic Cotton Baby Essentials
June 15, 2021

10 Stylish & Comfy Organic Cotton Baby Essentials

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10 Stylish & Comfy Organic Cotton Baby Essentials.
10 Stylish & Comfy Organic Cotton Baby Essentials

You may have noticed that a lot of baby products are made from organic cotton. That’s because, while we may love tiny outfits with cute patterns and coordinating accessories, babies really only care about one thing: being comfortable. And organic cotton is about as comfy as it gets (bonus: growing organic cotton also uses up to 90% less water than regular cotton).

We’ve partnered with Burt’s Bees Baby—who have been making their baby clothes out of organic cotton from day one—to share some of our favorite 100% organic cotton baby essentials that are as cozy as they are cute (and sustainable to boot).

All of the cotton in Burt’s Bees Baby bodysuits is GOTS certified, meaning it’s grown without synthetic pesticides or fertilizers (and is ethically produced). Translation: nothing to irritate your baby’s sensitive skin.

Pajamas are the ideal one-and-done outfit for new babies. The feet on these adorable sleepers have a special bee-shaped gripper to help your baby stay upright once they become more mobile.

These breathable booties keep your little one’s feet warm with a smart snap design that helps them stay put (no matter how much your baby moves and grooves).

Burt’s Bees Baby crib and bassinet sheets are made from ring-spun cotton that’s combed for softness, so it feels like your comfiest T-shirt.

Wearable blankets like these keep your baby warm while practicing safe sleep. And this particular style gives your little one the freedom to move their arms and kick their legs, handy for that swaddle transition period.

When your baby is old enough for a blanket, this soft jersey quilt will keep them nice and toasty. In the meantime? It’s cushiony enough for tummy time fun (and the reversible patterns give you twice the styles to choose from).

Keeping It Clean

Burp cloths may be the single most useful piece of fabric you own as a new parent. This tri-fold design gives you three layers of shoulder protection and can even double as a quick spot for diaper changes when you need it.

These hooded towels are absorbent without being too bulky. And the fabric actually gets softer with every wash.

Babies aren’t known for loving diaper changes. But this changing pad cover is soft enough to keep them content while you get the job done.

Without any snaps, buttons or Velcro, these absorbent bibs slip right over your baby’s head for easy on and easy off. Graciously sized, they catch everything from spit up to drool to first foods.

Learn About Organic Cotton

Your little one may not be able to appreciate your good taste in fashion yet. But they can definitely appreciate soft, comfy fabrics. Want to learn more about organic cotton and what it takes to earn a GOTS certification? Find out here.

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