11 Easy On-the-Go Finds for a Day Out with Baby
11 Easy On-the-Go Finds for a Day Out with Baby
September 13, 2022

11 Easy On-the-Go Finds for a Day Out with Baby

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11 Easy On-the-Go Finds for a Day Out with Baby.
11 Easy On-the-Go Finds for a Day Out with Baby

Before baby, there’s a chance all you needed when you left your house was the trifecta: phone, keys and wallet. With a baby, that list usually gets just a little bit longer. Depending on where you live and what you plan on doing for baby’s big day out, you might need:

  • A car seat
  • A stroller
  • Diaper changing necessities
  • A place to put all those necessities
  • Snacks for baby
  • Maybe even a few snacks for yourself—grownups like snacks, too!
  • And a few more handy little things you might not have needed before

Of course, what you carry along is totally up to you. And whether you believe less is more or want to be prepared for everything and then some, buybuyBABY’s Go Time gear and accessories are designed to make it all a bit easier. We’ve partnered with them to give you a head start on your day out, including finds for minimalists, maximalists and every parent in between.

A Smooth Ride with a Safe Place for Baby to Rest

Strollers mean you won’t have to carry your little one in your arms (a saving grace for extended time outside) and this sturdy stroller gives you a smooth ride wherever you go. It’s a parent-fave for all its customizable features, but for days out where baby might need an on-the-go nap, the included bassinet is a major plus.

Take to the Road with an Ultra-Light Car Seat

If you plan on getting to your destination with baby by car, a car seat is pretty much a requirement. This rear-facing car seat weighs under 10 lbs (that’s about the weight of a large bag of flour) and is easy to install and release so you can take your kiddo out without hassle.

A Genius Car Seat and Stroller Combo

Travel systems make it easy to get out with baby because it combines the two big pieces of gear—a stroller and car seat—into one convenient find. This system’s versatile design doesn’t skimp on the details: you get a safe, thick padded car seat for baby that easily installs into your car and into the included stroller.

Use This Travel System Three Ways

This travel system you can use beyond the baby years thanks to its three modes: a lightweight car seat carrier with removable toddler seat and canopy, a travel system with large canopy with pull-out visor and a toddler stroller with multi-position reclining seat and child tray. It’ll keep you ready for any day-out adventure—no fuss or fumbling required.

A Cozy Resting Spot You Can Carry Anywhere

Visiting a friend or family member who’s house isn’t baby-friendly? This bouncer makes for a safe spot to rest your kiddo and frees up your hands. It lets your baby rock, lounge and play with bonus features like 2-position reclide and soothing vibrations and sounds. It’s also ultra-light and folds for easy transport.

Carry It All With A Luxe Diaper Backpack

Diapers, bottles, extra clothes and more—they all fit in this stylish backpack that comes with tons of pockets, a changing pad and stroller straps. Plus, there are 7 trendy colorways to choose from, so you won’t feel like you’re carrying your basic middle school backpack.

Or Streamline Your Essentials with a Mini Backpack

If you’re more of a minimalist and only want to carry the essentials, there’s also a mini backpack for quick trips and errand runs. It has 8 pockets total (4 inner and 4 outer) and a changing pad without the extra bulk of a full-sized diaper bag.

No Stroller? No Problem—Try This Wearable Carrier

If you’re going somewhere you don’t want to carry a stroller, babywearing is a great option for bringing your little one along. This 3-in-1 goes from baby to toddler with multiple ways to wear your kiddo thanks to ergonomic, multi-functional design, and it leaves you hands free to browse through shops or carry a bag full of groceries.

Create a Changing Station Wherever You Are

Got a dirty diaper but no where to change baby? This cushioned changing station folds compact, but has a mesh pocket that holds up to 4 large diapers and essentials like cream or ointment. Drop it into your favorite bag and violà—you’ve got an instant diaper bag.

Take Snacktime To Go

If your kiddo is at the age where you’re introducing finger foods and snacks, you might want to bring a few along for the day (hungry baby = fussy baby). With a secure, spill-resistant lid and a snap-in spoon this bowl can hold soft foods as easily as it holds crackers, puffs and berries.

Keep Your Kiddo Cool In the Elements

When your day out happens to be on a hotter-than-comfortable day, this gadget comes to the rescue. It’s especially handy because babies can’t regulate their temperature as well as we can. Clip it to their stroller or car seat and you’ve got an easy way to keep your kiddo cool wherever you are.

When the time comes time for you to hit the road with your kiddo, take a deep breath and know: you’ve got this. Things may not always go as planned, but whether it’s a quick grocery store run or a full-on adventure, you can always give yourself a little extra help. Find more of buybuyBABY’s Go Time gear here.

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