The Chicco Travel System: Upgraded Car Seat with a Sleek Stroller
The Chicco Travel System: An Upgraded Car Seat with a Sleek Stroller
November 2, 2020

The Chicco Travel System: An Upgraded Car Seat with a Sleek Stroller

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The Chicco Travel System: An Upgraded Car Seat with a Sleek Stroller

With easy installs and stellar safety ratings, Chicco gear is a longtime parent and safety expert fave. Their newest car seat and stroller combo, the Chicco Corso LE Modular Travel System, takes everything we love about existing Chicco travel systems and gives it an upgrade—including a longer-lasting infant car seat and a matching modular stroller that feels like a luxury ride. Babylist Scout Gina took the Chicco Corso LE for a spin to see if it really lives up to the parent-friendly hype (spoiler alert: it does).

A New Take on a Car Seat Classic

The Chicco KeyFit 35 infant car seat upgrades everything that made their previous model—the KeyFit 30—a parent-favorite. But instead of maxing out at 30 lbs or 30 inches, your baby can use the KeyFit 35 from birth until 35 lbs or 32 inches, which is no small potatoes! One of the main reasons new parents opt for travel systems over standalone strollers and car seats is the easy compatibility that lets you transition your baby from the car to your stroller without having to take them out of their car seat. The longer your baby can stay in their infant car seat, the longer you’ll have that seamless travel transition.

The highlight of Chicco infant car seats? As Gina shows, the install on the KeyFit 35 is super easy using LATCH connectors or a seatbelt.

  • When using LATCH, the Chicco KeyFit 35 base has a one-pull tightening mechanism that means you never have to struggle with LATCH tighteners to get a secure fit.
  • There’s a spring-loaded leveling foot that raises the height of your car seat base to ensure a safe riding angle (even on trickier vehicles with slanted back seats).
  • You can also install the KeyFit 35 without the base using a seatbelt, which can be super handy for taxis and rideshares.
  • The KeyFit 35 also includes a few features you won’t find on their previous car seat models, like an anti-rebound bar (which reduces movement in the event of a crash) and a headrest that adjusts with one easy click-and-slide motion so that you don’t have to rethread the harness when your baby hits a growth spurt.

Riding in Style (and Function)

The best thing about the Chicco Corso LE modular travel system is that the car seat and the stroller are both the star of the show. The Chicco Corso LE stroller seamlessly integrates with the KeyFit 35, and unlike many other travel systems, you can choose whether you want your baby to face you or the world. When your baby eventually does outgrow their car seat, you just switch out the infant car seat adapter for the toddler seat.

Chicco Corso LE One Handed Fold

Even without the travel system compatibility, the Chicco Corso LE is a sleek stroller. It folds and opens with just one hand even with the infant car seat adapter attached (a feature you don’t always find even on luxury strollers). And the big bicycle-like tires feature a rear suspension that makes easy work out of uneven terrain and bumpy sidewalks—it’s basically like having four-wheel drive for your stroller.

Put it all together with leatherette details, and you have a system that looks way more expensive than it is. Watch Gina’s full review to see the Chicco Corso LE Modular Travel System in action.

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