This New Bottle Is Made With Glass Inside, But Feels Like Plastic
This New Bottle Is Made With Glass Inside, But Feels Like Plastic
September 1, 2021

This New Bottle Is Made With Glass Inside, But Feels Like Plastic

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This New Bottle Is Made With Glass Inside, But Feels Like Plastic

When it comes to baby bottles, plastic is usually a more convenient option than glass (for starters, it’s lightweight and shatter-proof). But as anyone who has accidentally stained Tupperware with last night’s spaghetti knows…plastic has its limitations. So Chicco combined both glass and plastic to create a new kind of hybrid baby bottle—called the Chicco Duo. Here’s what you need to know.

What It Does

At first glance, the Chicco Duo looks and feels like an ultra-clear plastic baby bottle. That’s because the glass part isn’t like a traditional thick-walled glass baby bottle. Chicco used super-sophisticated medical technology to bond an ultra-thin layer of glass to the inside of a premium plastic bottle. So it’s real glass on the inside, but so lightweight you’d almost forget it was there. And since the inside is glass and the outside is plastic, you get the benefits of both:

Chicco Duo GIF

  • Unbreakable Bottles: Like a plastic bottle, these hybrid bottles won’t chip, crack or flake. They’re also dishwasher, bottle warmer, sterilizer and freezer safe.
  • No Leaching: Pure glass means that there won’t be any residual smells or aftertaste if you leave milk inside (not that we’ve ever done that).
  • Squeaky Clean: Chicco Duo bottles also won’t stain or discolor. So, you know, if you run out of Tupperware and decide to use your bottles for those spaghetti leftovers, you’re covered. Not that we’d recommend that.

Chicco added a few other details to this bottle to make sure that the hybrid factor isn’t the only thing going for it. For starters, the anti-colic nipple has a skin-like texture and a breast-like flow to help your baby latch and transition more easily between bottle and breast. And the designs on the outside of the bottle, like the Chicco logo, are laser etched instead of printed, so even those won’t fade or chip after washing.

Chicco Duo baby drinking photo

Why You’d Want That

Glass bottles have their benefits: there are no chemicals to worry about, they don’t absorb odors or stains, you can heat them up or put them in the dishwasher and they can last through several babies. And if you can look past the breakability factor, they’re quite durable. But glass bottles can be heavy, and the breakability factor is a factor.

So if you like the idea of glass bottles, but can’t pass up the practicality of plastic—or if your daycare requires it—the Chicco Duo is the first and only bottle that lets you have both. Watch the video above to see us put to the test.

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