Diaper Covers Cute Enough to Melt Your Mind

Diaper Covers Cute Enough to Melt Your Mind

September 6, 2016

Diaper Covers Cute Enough to Melt Your Mind

Diaper Covers Cute Enough to Melt Your Mind
Diaper cover designs have been inspired by pop culture, media, literature, video games, emoticons, memes, bible verses, and even political slogans. Go ahead and take a look: the weird and wonderful world of diaper cover art is waiting.Diaper Covers Cute Enough to Melt Your Mind

When you have a baby, diapers are a very big part of your day–so you might as well make it as good for yourself as possible, right?! Decorate your baby’s bottom with one of these diaper covers, and you’ll find yourself smiling (maybe even chuckling) over diaper changes.

When it comes to diaper art, the marvelous makers over at Etsy have left no stone unturned. Diaper covers can reference pop culture, media, literature, video games, emoticons, memes, bible verses, and even political slogans. This roundup covers only a fraction of the bounty available on the Internet.

For the sake of nonpartisanship, we have left the political diaper covers out of this article. It’s unclear whether having a baby poop inside a political slogan is meant to indicate support for that slogan… or the opposite? Either way, feel free to search Etsy for the political diaper cover which will turn your baby into the family’s youngest activist.

Diaper covers can be used with both cloth and disposable diapers, although some cloth diapers are made to be both diaper and cover (all-in-one style). One of the preferred styles of diaper cover is the double gusset style: meaning it has extra elastic on the legs to keep mess from trickling out the leg holes. Many of the diapers linked here are available in your choice of all-in-one or double gusset styles. We also have a few “baby bloomers,” the frilly style of diaper cover.

Although giving birth to a baby is a lot more effort than catching a Pokemon, you can now keep both of them safe and secure in a Pokeball! This Pokeball style diaper is sure to be a big hit with your friends, especially those who are trying to “catch ‘em all.” And this diaper cover will have great longevity: just use snaps to adjust it from small to medium to large as your baby grows. Or should we say as your baby evolves to the next level?

One of the cutest things about the Eeyore donkey character from Winnie-the-Pooh was the way he was always losing his tail. Now your baby can be just like Eeyore: the tail snaps on and off (please snap it off before throwing it in the wash). Pair this with a nice Eeyore hat or shirt, and your baby will be just irresistible.

The Harry Potter joke on this diaper cover couldn’t be funnier! “Accio” is the spell they say in Harry Potter to make objects they need float through the air towards them. When your baby is crying, you just KNOW they would be saying “Accio Boobies” if they had the power to make the spell work. In the absence of a milk-summoning spell, your baby is reduced to using wails to summon mama.

Much as we love the funny covers, maybe your baby is more of a princess than a comedian. Well, this diaper cover, along with a matching floral headband, is just perfect for a little princess. Called “the fluffiest bloomers on Etsy!!!” by CutieButtsBoutique, this diaper cover is made with the softest stretchy satin fabric, carefully sewn and layered for maximum ruffling. It is perfect for formal occasions like a baptism or christening and would go just right with a flower girl’s dress at a wedding.

This diaper cover comes in a set with a matching bib and booties! What could be cuter than that? The smiling sea creature design is just one of many choices of prints. The cloth is basically miracle cloth: waterproof, breathable eco-friendly, and non-slip. The booties have adjustable elastic to keep them on (and flannel lining in the toes).

Fans of the classic movie Princess Bride will recognize it’s most-quoted line: “My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.” But don’t worry: this diaper is actually just a demonstration: the Etsy merchant will custom-embroider your baby’s own name on the nametag. If your baby has a bunch of ridiculous nicknames, you could order one diaper cover for each ridiculous nickname! Just think what great keepsakes those would make especially to show off when baby grows up and begins dating.

This diaper is fashioned after Mike Wazowski, the most endearing character from the Pixar classic Monsters, Inc. Judging from the expression on Mike’s face, he fully understands to what purpose he is currently being put. However, if your friends and family don’t recognize him from the movie, you can always entertain yourself by saying it’s an alien diaper and you love having an alien baby with two heads.

Remember the part of The Lion King when Timon and Pumbaa sing Simba a song, “Hakuna Matata! It means no worries.” (Bonus points if you sung along while reading that). Anyway… “no worries,” is the perfect message for a stressed-out new parent to receive on their diaper cover.

This diaper cover references a beautiful children’s book about a mama bear and her beloved cub entitled I Love You to the Moon and Back. As you prepare to deal with a blowout, there’s nothing like a wonderful reminder of how much you truly love your smelly, smelly child.

“You knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made,” Psalm 139:13-14. Since this psalm references pregnancy, it’s a popular choice for baby clothing of all kinds. There are probably dozens of diaper covers and onesies featuring this verse–probably because taking care of a baby is both scary and wonderful.

Although this pig may be incredibly excited, she is also very small. If the exuberance of the other diaper covers in this round-up isn’t your cup of tea, here’s something more restrained. It’s just enough to make you smile, without stealing the show from your baby’s main outfit. Perfect for when they want to toddle around without pants or in a little dress.

Congratulations: you’ve made it to the twelfth diaper cover in our diaper cover round-up. Chances are, if you’ve made it this far, you’re starting to wonder, “What is this madness?” Maybe you’ve been wondering, “What is this madness called parenthood?!” for a long time. If so, the Cheshire Cat’s grin from Alice in Wonderland is perfect for you. The cat will reassure you, “Don’t worry. We’re all mad here.”

These Winnie the Pooh bloomers win the prize for intricate detail: not only does it come with a gingham ruffle, it also has a little beehive-shaped button on it. The gorgeous fabric is reminiscent of the watercolor illustrations from the original books. A matching headband is included. Yes, you can buy this one, but only if you want the other parents to think you’re showing off. Let’s face it: this diaper cover is not just pretty, it’s downright stunning.

All the world over, the curly mustache serves as an emblem of that feared and dreaded creature: the hipster. Do you think maybe you’re a little bit of a hipster underneath? Have you ever dreamed of twirling a long curly mustache of your very own (or having your partner twirl one)? If so, this diaper cover of rainbow mustaches is for you and your perfect hipster baby.

We felt guilty that we included so many incredibly goofy diaper covers in this roundup, so we wanted to thrown in a few that weren’t goofy, but just plain beautiful. The rainbow scales on this one remind us of the children’s book, The Rainbow Fish. Kudos for making the necessary array of snaps in that beautiful turquoise color which just adds so much to the product design.

We began with Pokemon, and now we’re ending with Pokemon… almost. (Actually, we have one more diaper cover left after this one: we saved the very best for last.) What we love about this diaper cover is how incredibly happy Pikachu looks. It’s almost like your baby’s butt is giggling right at you.

Told you we’d save the best for last! Just what you always wanted: a diaper cover featuring a poop emoji. This emoji has a long and storied history which you can read about in Fast Company magazine. But what we like best about this diaper cover is that it is HONEST. It doesn’t try to conceal the diaper’s true purpose and destiny: instead, it celebrates that purpose. And why not? After all, poop is a biological reality. Stare deeply into the poop emoji’s sweet, innocent eyes, and be at peace with this reality.

So how do you feel after reading our full diaper covers round-up? Horrified? Amused? Delighted? Strangely at peace with life and the universe? However you feel, just remember: it’s okay to do whatever it takes to make those late-night changings more fun.

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