Easy DIY Baby Halloween Costumes
Easy DIY Baby Halloween Costumes
September 27, 2016

Easy DIY Baby Halloween Costumes

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Easy DIY Baby Halloween Costumes.
Easy DIY Baby Halloween Costumes

We all love DIY in theory, but some of us dissolve into wails of “Why did I commit to this?” somewhere around step sixteen. There’s nothing more horrible than being covered in glitter and glue, and realizing you missed something crucial back in step two. That’s why, when it comes to DIY, it’s best to keep it simple. Like those three-ingredient recipes that are delicious–these baby Halloween costumes are super simple, requiring no more than three materials. As an added bonus, we offer suggestions for (very easy) parental costumes that match each baby costume.

Baby Robot

Want to make the fierce baby robot shown above? Nothing could be easier or more fun! If your baby is a little older, you can even do it together.

Make your baby robot

  1. Get two cardboard boxes, one large enough to cover your baby’s body, and the other one about the right size to fit on their head. Cut a hole in the top of the larger box (depending on how you want your baby to fit inside the robot, you could either cut a torso-sized hole or a neck-sized hole). Cut the bottom off the smaller box, so that it can be used like a helmet.

  2. Cover each box with either paper or tinfoil.

  3. Use a sharpie to add robot decorations to each box! (This is the part your tot can help with; just make sure they don’t use the sharpie to scribble on themselves!)

Not satisfied with your robot yet? Try gluing common household items to the paper box to add the texture of gadgetry. You can wrap plastic cups or mint boxes in tinfoil to make impressive-looking protrusions. Spatulas and/or eggbeaters can make nice arm devices or antenna. Who knows, maybe something from the toybox would work too, especially if it makes sounds or includes flashing lights.

Matching parent costume: mad scientist

Dress up as the mad scientist who created Baby Robot! Put on a white lab coat (if you don’t have that, maybe an unbuttoned white button-up would work) and get some hair gel to make your hair stand wildly on end. If anyone asks you what’s up with your hair, explain that it started standing on end after Baby Robot electrocuted you.

Baby Sushi

Dressing babies up as food is very popular. Are people being inspired by the endearment, “You’re so cute I could just eat you up!”? Besides this popular sushi costume, we’ve also seen babies dressed as lobsters and rabbits (and their parents dressed as chefs about to cook them).

Make your baby sushi

  1. Select a plain white onesie (to represent rice).

  2. Prepare your felt: cut strips of orange felt to represent tasty salmon. Cut a longer strip of black felt to represent seaweed.

  3. Fabric glue the felt as shown above: with the salmon strips running down baby’s belly and the strip of “seaweed” encircling baby.

The mom shown here added some extra detailing in the form of ginger and wasabi: she took pink and green felt and cleverly sewed it into folds to represent the ginger and wasabi shapes. You could do that too, but the idea would come across without it.

If you’re feeling ambitious, you could try adding the sushi decorations to your baby carrier rather than to your onesie. But that requires attaching a white pad of “rice” to the outside of your baby carrier.

Matching parent costume: sushi chef

Buy a sushi chef headband, put on a simple black outfit, pick up some chopsticks, and you’re all set to be your darling baby’s sushi chef!

Baby Harry Potter

“The stories we love best do live in us forever. So whether you come back by page or by the big screen, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home,” says J.K. Rowling. The story which made your childhood so magical can make your child’s life magical too! Time to make your baby a Harry Potter fan.

Make your baby Harry Potter

  1. Select the items in your baby’s wardrobe which most suggest “British schoolchild.” A white long-sleeved shirt, a sweater vest, and khakis would do particularly well if they’re available.

  2. Order a baby-sized Gryffindor scarf and a pair of round wizard glasses online to add to the outfit.

  3. Take a washable marker and draw the famous lightning bolt scar. Done.

Matching parent costume: Hogwarts student or teacher

There are so many amazing characters in the Harry Potter books to choose from, we won’t venture to suggest which one is best for you. However, here’s a tip: Target carries adult-sized wizard robes with all four different house badges!

Baby Shark

Max got very into character today. 😂🎃👻🕸🤕👻 #maximusmaverick

A photo posted by Samantha Burns (@samanthaleighburns) on

Samantha shared this photo of her ferocious shark baby chowing down on a surfboard with the comment, “Max got very into character today. 😂🎃👻🕸🤕👻.” If you’re tired of your baby biting you, this is the perfect costume to make yourself laugh.

Make your baby a shark

  1. Choose a grey or dark blue hoodie (or anything roughly shark-colored) from your baby’s wardrobe.

  2. Cut a strip of red felt, and a big toothy zigzag of white felt.

  3. Use fabric glue to attach the shark teeth and gums to the edge of your baby’s hoodie.

Samantha did some extra detailing (like sewing shark fins to the back of the hoodie and creating a prop cardboard surfboard) but that’s optional. A toothy hoodie gets the idea across.

Matching parent costume: Shark attack victim (or lifeguard)

It seems Samantha and her significant other dressed up as shark attack victims to complete the family theme. Here are three ways to make realistic-looking fake wounds– but frankly, they all sound like too much work. Maybe you could use red magic marker or you could dress up as lifeguards! To be lifeguards all you need is Hawaiian shorts and a whistle.

Baby Moneybags

Happy Halloween from my boys! #benandhenry #babyboyflieg #babyflieg #henrystephenflieg

A photo posted by Liz Flieg (@lizflieg) on

The dad is a bank robber and the baby is a sack of money! Who thought of this one?! The subtle irony of it is particularly enjoyable. Babies cost a bunch of money, but on Halloween, you can pretend the reverse.

Make your baby moneybags

  1. Dress your baby in green clothing.

  2. Find a piece of swaddling or a sleep sack you don’t mind defacing for Halloween. Use a big sharpie to draw a huge dollar sign on it.

  3. Bundle your baby into your “sack of loot.”

We noticed that this family also made some fake dollar bills out of green felt. You could do that as extra detailing–or you could use some monopoly money and pin it around the edges of the bag. That might be easier.

Matching parent costume: bank robber

Put on black clothing and gloves, and add a little robber’s mask. What could be simpler?!

Baby Dalai Lama

“Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive,” says the Dalai Lama. Babies teach us all the meaning of love and compassion: so what could be more appropriate than dressing up a baby as the Dalai Lama?

Make your baby Dalai Lama

  1. Take a red T-shirt and tie the sleeves with red string, to compress the sleeves in robe-like folds. If necessary, trim the hem of the T-shirt so that it’s a good robe length for your baby.

  2. Take a yellow scarf (or any long strip of yellow cloth) and safety pin it carefully to the red robe so that it falls in the Dalai Lama diagonal.

  3. Add a necklace of wooden beads and optionally a pair of tiny baby glasses.

Matching parent costume: President

The Dalai Lama is constantly shaking hands with the presidents and dignitaries of various countries. So dress up as the president or dignitary of your choice! All you need is a suit, and when you explain the costume, it’ll make people laugh.

Cow Baby

Baby is constantly drinking your milk… but this Halloween, you can turn the tables and costume baby as something that feeds YOU with milk! All joking aside, the little “udder” made of nipples is impossibly cute.

Make your cow baby

  1. Cut black cow spots and pink tummy out of felt.

  2. Glue the felt onto your white onesie and white hat.

  3. Glue four bottle nipples onto the pink stomach to create an udder!

Optionally, check out the blogger who invented this costume for instructions on how to create the ears and sew them into the hat. If you’re comfortable with sewing, it won’t take too much extra time. However, the costume still rocks even without the ears.

Matching parent costume: Old MacDonald

Overalls, a straw hat (and maybe a plaid shirt) and you’re all set for this one. Chances are you can put it together from items you already own. If you have multiple children, you can dress them up as other farm animals and get a family theme going.

Baby Octopus

When you’re trying to thread your baby’s limbs through their clothing in the morning, sometimes it feels like they have eight wriggling limbs! Turn that perception into a cute reality with this DIY baby octopus costume.

Make your baby octopus

  1. Find four pairs of matching baby tights with a design you like.

  2. Stuff three of the pairs of tights, and sew them to a waistband, evenly spaced but leaving a slot for the baby’s real legs.

  3. Put the remaining pair of tights on your baby, then slip the waistband around them and ta-da! They have eight legs, just like an octopus.

If you want to add a nice bit of extra detailing, glue octopus eyes onto a baby hat. You can either sew the eyes or purchase those plastic googly eyes at a craft store.

Matching parent costume: sea captain

Just put on some nice clothes in dark blue or white, add a fetching sea captain’s hat, and you’re all set! If you want to get fancier, you could always do Ariel from the Little Mermaid (that would make your baby Ursula).

Baby Football

Last year, Lori shared this costume with the comment, “Isabel couldn’t quite fill out her costume. Hmm… #deflategate.” This refers to the 2015 scandal where players cheated by deflating their footballs to make them easier to catch. Props to Lori for including a clever reference to current events in her Halloween costume!

Make your baby football

  1. Dress your baby in a dark brown garment.

  2. Take strips of masking tape and apply them in a football stitching pattern, as shown above.

There you have it: an amazing costume in two materials and five minutes. Talk about a no-stress Halloween!

Matching parent costume: football player

Don the jerseys for your team of choice, and add a couple of strips of black tape to be your eyeblack. Presto! You’re football players. This costume is a great metaphor for parenthood: no matter how much you get tackled by life, you just have to hold on to your child and take them across the finish line.

Grandma or Grandpa Baby

Everyone’s always commenting on the family resemblances they see in your baby. Take advantage of that family resemblance to dress your baby as their own grandparent! It’ll be shockingly cute: and your family will get a huge kick out of the photos you send around.

Make your grandma or grandpa baby

  1. Glue white cotton balls over the entire surface of one of your baby’s hats (for grandma baby’s curls) or glue wispy handfuls of pillow stuffing (for grandpa baby’s flyaway locks).
  2. Attack strings of fake pearls to fake glasses (or leave off the pearls for grandpa baby).
  3. Dress your baby in whatever outfit in their closet reminds you the most of grandma or grandpa’s amazing styles.

Matching parent costume: the grandchild

This is the easiest parent costume on the list! Simply dress however you’d ordinarily dress. Explain you are the adult grandchild of the elderly little person you are carrying in your arms.

Baby President

Is Baby President a scary Halloween costume? It depends on your point of view, but it certainly does seem like no matter who gets elected, at least part of the country finds the President scary. Luckily, these costumes look more adorable than scary.

Make your baby president

  1. Find a cardboard box that will fit nicely over your carrier, cut off one side, and bend down the bottom panel to make the front side of it longer.

  2. Print out the seal of the United States on a color printer, cut it out, and glue it to the front of the box. Cut a large sheet of dark blue construction paper and glue it in place to make the top of the “podium.”

  3. Attach your cardboard box podium to your baby carrier. Dress your baby in a little suit or formal outfit and pop them into the carrier. Now they’re resting behind their “podium” and they look very official!

If you’re feeling ambitious, you could modify the seal of the United States in Photoshop to say “Best Baby in the United States” or something like that.

Matching parent costume: secret service

Put on your snazziest suit and a pair of dark sunglasses. You’re now all set to guard your Baby President with your life!


We can’t wait to see the costumes you pick: please post them on the #babylisthalloween hashtag! And enjoy eating all the candy your baby’s cuteness earns you. (After all, baby’s still much too young for all that sugar. It’s your duty to eat that candy.)

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