Editors' Picks: It's Feeding Time!
Editors' Picks: It's Feeding Time!
November 12, 2018

Editors' Picks: It's Feeding Time!

Editors' Picks: It's Feeding Time!.
Editors' Picks: It's Feeding Time!

Thanksgiving is next week! Dust off the fine china, pull out your pie recipes and get ready to give thanks. And don’t forget about your little turkey — it’s time to stock up on feeding gear for baby for the holidays. Here are our picks.

Holiday Spirit

Before baby gets their grub on, it’s important that they dress for the part. Celebrate their first Thanksgiving with holiday-inspired garb. And here’s a bib that will make grandma happy.

Quirky Designs

Bella Tunno bibs feature adorable sayings and a cute, quirky design. But they also help keep food off of baby’s clothes. The soft, food-grade silicone big provides lots of coverage with a big pocket to catch whatever comes its way. It’s also dishwasher safe!

Lemon Squeasy

Who says your child’s mealtime can’t be a positive experience? Keep the mess at bay with this organized and cheerful Happy Mat that’s a placemat and plate all in one. These mats are made from silicone, so they’re easy to store and clean.

All Organic

If you’re confused on what foods to give your baby for the first time, Plum Organics gives you a step-by-step process for baby’s first solids. The best part? All foods by Plum are organic and made with fruits and veggies. Watch this video for more information

Home Made

If you’re interested in making your own baby food at home, the Steam Bowl can be a helpful product for your family. Simply put the veggies or fruit in the bowl, steam in a covered pot and—voila!—your baby food is ready for a nutritious and delicious meal.

For Your Little Sprout

These self-feeding training spoons are helpful for babies who are learning to develop hand-eye coordination and scoop food into their mouths for the first time. Perfect for tiny hands—and your little one’s budding independence.

Best Seller

Keep your fur babies from eating your tot’s leftovers from the floor with these stay-put suction bowls. These bowls make it tough for babies to toss across the kitchen, but easy for parents to remove and clean. Each bowl comes in different sizes to portion snacks and bigger meals.

Munchkin Stay Put Suction Bowls (3 Pack)


For Safety

These spoons won’t prevent mess, but the flexible tip can help you get those pureed peas and carrots back into your new eater’s mouth. Best of all, the tips of the spoons turn white when baby’s food is too hot, so you’ll know to wait.

Environmentally Friendly

Do you buy products with the environment in mind? If so, check out this Avanchy spork set. Made with organic bamboo, which has low environmental impact and is mold and mildew resistant, the forks have a colorful tip made with food-grade silicone that is safe for baby. Note: they are hand-wash only.

Quick and Easy

If you’re traveling for the holidays, this table chair is a must for quick and easy transport. Simply attach it to your table and adjust the twist-tight couplings to secure. Can be used for babies 6 to 36 months.

For Your Little Turkey

We couldn’t resist. This hat is great for Thanksgiving photo ops or just a laugh.

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