4 Babywearing Features to Reach Peak Carrier Comfort
4 Babywearing Bonus Features That Help Reach Peak Carrier Comfort
October 5, 2021

4 Babywearing Bonus Features That Help Reach Peak Carrier Comfort

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4 Babywearing Bonus Features That Help Reach Peak Carrier Comfort.
4 Babywearing Bonus Features That Help Reach Peak Carrier Comfort

With all the features that structured carriers boast (front and back carry modes, easy on and off, lots of adjustment options and even pockets!) it’s easy to look past one key element: how it feels when you’re wearing it. But like anything you put on your body, comfort is a huge component of how often you’ll use your carrier. So we’ve teamed up with Ergobaby—who just released their new ultra-breathable Omni Breeze and super-comfortable Omni Dream carriers—to help you find a carrier with the most comfortable fit for you and your baby.

1. Keep Your Cool

Ergobaby Omni Breeze Carrier

Structured carriers are designed to keep your baby close to your body, especially during those early days. But babies are like tiny space heaters. So if you live in a warmer climate (or are just one of those people who runs hot), look for a breathable carrier to avoid the baby sweat heat trap.

Cotton is usually the default choice for breathability, but Ergobaby’s new Omni Breeze is made with a special SoftFlex Mesh that allows for even more airflow (we tested it; they’re not kidding about that). It even has a vented waistbelt so you don’t sweat where the carrier touches your body the most.

And while that’s definitely a boon for those who live in summer climates, breathability is also helpful for keeping your baby safe and comfortable no matter what the weather looks like. Because if you’ve ever snuggled a little one, you know they bring the heat even when it’s sub-zero, which can lead to an overheated, cranky baby.

And if you live somewhere with winter, or multiple seasons? Warm layers and a weather cover take care of the rest of the year.

2. Look for Lumbar Support

As your baby grows, structured carriers like the Omni series grow with them—the newer versions like the Omni Dream, and Omni Breeze have special sliders that allow you to easily adjust your baby’s carrier without any extra inserts or accessories.

Ergobaby Lumbar Support

But bigger babies mean more weight on your body. So look for carriers that offer lumbar support and then make sure to adjust your carrier so that it’s nice and snug on your lower back like this to avoid any unnecessary hip or back strain.

3. Happy Babies = Comfortable Parents

Ergobaby Infant Positioning Of course, it takes two to babywear, and your little one’s comfort is the whole reason you got a carrier to begin with. For starters, Ergobaby designed their new Omni body style to be a lot less bulky than the original Omni style, making for a sleeker and comfier fit for both you and your baby. They also improved the fit in newborn mode so that it’s easier to get that snug hold for extra little ones—a key factor for both comfort and safety.

Once your baby is in their carrier, you’ll want to make sure they’re properly seated, with their hips tucked forward and their back in a soft “c” shape (watch this video to see how it’s done). In addition to keeping them comfortable, this position helps with proper spinal growth as well.

And if you really want to up the coziness (and don’t mind sacrificing the extra airflow), the Omni Dream swaps out the mesh fabric for a special 100% brushed cotton that has a soft, velvety feel to it (without the velvety weight).

4. Convenience is Key

Sometimes it’s more about creature comforts that simply fit your lifestyle. For example, the Omni Breeze and Omni Dream both come with two expandable side pockets, so you can stash essentials like your keys, wallet or phone while out and about and really live that hands-free life.

Ergobaby Breeze Pocket

They also have built-in pacifier clip loops so you don’t have to do the bend and snap every time your baby drops their binkie, and drool bibs because you would be shocked at how much saliva one tiny human can produce over the course of a leisurely walk. And if your adventures involve evening strolls? The Breeze also has reflectors for built-in safety.

Parents often list a baby carrier as one of the most important essentials in their parenting toolkit—it’s versatile, easy-to-pack and can last your baby well into the toddler years. All those little details that go into them can become big perks when you’re wearing your carrier every day. Check out Ergobaby’s complete guide to baby carriers for more tips on finding the right one for you.

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