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The Best Gender Neutral Nursery Inspiration
Updated on
September 11, 2023

The Best Gender Neutral Nursery Inspiration

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The Best Gender Neutral Nursery Inspiration.
Photo by @torifoshee
The Best Gender Neutral Nursery Inspiration

You don’t need to pick a specific color when it’s time to start planning your baby’s nursery.

In fact, the easiest way to put together a nursery is to stick to your own decorating style, whether that’s modern and minimalist or boho chic. These gender-neutral styles can work if you have another baby too.

We went to our favorite place for inspiration (Instagram!) to find real nurseries that will inspire you to create the gender-neutral baby’s room of your dreams. Here are some of our favorites.

Nothing But Neutrals

A clean, white bedroom palette is calming—and when you’re putting baby to bed, calm is what you’ll want. This nursery sticks to a muted natural palette with the crib, glider, changing pad and rug (not to mention those hardwood floors!). The overall aesthetic is simple, sophisticated and very sweet. (Photo: @abbyl_ward)

How to Get the Look: Target and Crate and Kids have lots of simple baby furnishings, and much of their home decor can do double duty for baby too. (Get the Goods: Babyletto Gelato Crib and find the elephant table—or one similar—at Chairish.)


This nursery is filled with elements we’d want in our own bedroom. The color palette is soothing for little ones and will still be cool enough to keep up into the big kid years. (Photo: @lindseypedey)

How to Get the Look: Stores like DWR, Horne and West Elm/Pottery Barn have selections of kid-friendly accessories and furniture that are curated through a modern lens. (Get the Goods: Babyletto Lolly Crib, IKEA Tarva Dressser (painted with new pulls), Homegoods mirror and vintage rug.)

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If your home already incorporates rustic farmhouse elements, you needn’t stop that theme at the baby’s door. Instead, bring in simple decorating elements with a single shiplap wall and a cute (fake!) stuffed animal as decoration. (Photo: @torifoshee)

How to Get the Look: Etsy is a great source for farmhouse accessories, whether they’re new or vintage. (Get the Goods: Million Dollar Baby Abigail Crib (similar to shown), Delta Glider and IKEA HEKTAR Floor Lamp.)


We love the whimsical feel of a bohemian nursery. This one is extra dreamy, from the gorgeous light fixture all the way down to the beautiful details on the neutral area rug. It all easily transfers to more grown-up decor too. (Photo: @_thenguyens)

How to Get the Look: Almost all of the major retailers feature boho-friendly styles, but especially stores like Anthropologie and Lulu and Georgia. (Get the Goods: The crib is the Babyletto Hudson and the hanging light fixture is from Anthropologie. You can snag the heirloom-quality bassinet from Design Dua and get the cover for the nursing pillow that’s propped inside from Ebb & Thread. The dresser is the Ikea Björksnäs and the rug is from Loloi.)

The New Blue

Navy is the perfect gender neutral hue—it’s a great anchor to other color accents, whether you are incorporating gold and lighter blues as seen here, or even pops of pink or yellow. We’re calling it now—navy is the new gray! (Photo: @houseofhanesinteriors)

How to Get the Look: Before you get to work painting, head to your local hardware store and bring home some swatches. It’s hard to know how dark or light a navy shade will show up without seeing it in your room’s natural light. (Get the Goods: Lulu & Georgia rug, wall decals from Urban and Monarch Hill Ivy Crib (similar to shown).)

Pop(s) of Color

You don’t need to stick to pastels in a nursery. If you love color, celebrate it in your little one’s space. This nursery has a rainbow of hues with a graphic rug, bright wall stencils and colorful chair. As long as the colors are in the same family, the looks feels more cohesive rather than chaotic. (Photo: @izzyhudgins)

How to Get the Look: Start with a piece of art and pull your favorite colors from there and incorporate colors with accessories within the room. Browse through online galleries like 20x200 to find styles and potential pieces to find inspiration in. (Get the Goods: Katy Skelton chair, Cat Lee artwork, Million Dollar Baby Abigail Crib (similar to shown).)


You don’t need to buy brand-new items in order to have a gorgeous nursery. If you’re already a frequent flea market shopper, find favorite antiques to bring into baby’s room, like a vintage dresser, rocking chair or artwork. And there are lots of antique-looking new cribs on the market that meet current safety standards. (Photo: @relic_refurbishing)

How to Get the Look: Scour some consignment shops, estate sales, flea markets and Etsy to find treasures. (Get the Goods: Pieces are vintage, but this DaVinci Jenny Lind Crib from Target is similar to shown.)

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