Video Review: The Graco Cradle Me 4-in-1 Carrier
Video Review: The New Graco Baby Carrier is Extra Parent-Friendly
December 22, 2020

Video Review: The New Graco Baby Carrier is Extra Parent-Friendly

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Video Review: The New Graco Baby Carrier is Extra Parent-Friendly

Baby carriers have been simplifying new parent life and freeing up hands for pretty much all of human history. Put that together with Graco’s reputation for user-friendly baby gear, and you have the new Cradle Me 4-in-1 Carrier from Graco—a soft structured carrier with lots of bells and whistles, for about $50 less than you’d expect. Babylist Scout Julie has the full scoop on what makes this gear particularly easy-to-use in the video review above.

Graco Cradle Me 4-in-1 Carrier Buckle

Easy In, Easy Out

Structured carriers haven’t always been known for being easy to get on and off. Try undoing a belt buckle one-handed (while holding a bag of flour in the other) and you can get a sense of what it’s like getting a baby into one. But the Cradle Me carrier features new easy-on easy-off buckles that clasp with just one hand and then keep your baby securely in place.

As you can see in Julie’s video, the Cradle Me is also designed so that you can fully adjust the carrier before putting your baby in, eliminating the one-handed baby balancing act.

Graco Cradle Me Carrier Adjustments

And if you ever forget how to make those adjustments? Graco put the instructions right there on the inside of the carrier. So figuring out how to switch between different carrying modes is (literally) always at your fingertips.

Speaking of, you can wear this carrier four different ways:

  • Facing-in newborn seat starting at 8lbs (no extra inserts needed)
  • Facing-in baby seat in starting at 15lbs
  • Facing-out out baby seat starting at 20lbs
  • Back-carry baby seat from 30lbs to 35lbs

When you’re ready to change your baby’s riding style, a set of built-in buttons and loops lets you switch up the carry mode.

Graco Cradle Me Carrier Adjustment Buttons

Comfort is Key

Getting your carrier to fit perfectly is all about the right combination of padding and weight distribution. Since parents come in every shape and size, Graco added a feature to the Cradle Me that lets you slide the back buckle up and down until you find just the right spot to properly distribute your baby’s weight.

For being on the more-affordable side, Graco tucked a bunch of bonus comfort features into the Cradle Me—like a hideaway all-season shield that keeps your little one warm and a privacy shield to keep them safe from the sun. It also comes with a set of washable organic bibs and harness covers, because drool (and chewing) happens.

If you like the idea of a structured carrier, but want to make sure it’s novice-friendly, the Cradle Me 4-in-1 Carrier is a parent-friendly option with an equally user-friendly price tag. Watch Julie’s complete video review to see it in action.

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