Graco Modes Nest Travel System Video Review
This New 3-in-1 Travel System Does Luxury for Less
October 13, 2020

This New 3-in-1 Travel System Does Luxury for Less

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This New 3-in-1 Travel System Does Luxury for Less

When you’re shopping for a stroller, the ones that pack the most functionality often carry the biggest price tag (sometimes to the tune of several thousand dollars). But the new Modes Nest Travel System from Graco has the look and feel of a luxury stroller for under $400—car seat included—plus a few bonus features that you won’t find on other rigs. Babylist Scout Mallorie took the Modes Nest Travel System for a test ride in the video review above.

3 for the Price of 1

The biggest perk of the Graco Modes Nest Travel system is that you’re really getting three strollers for the price of one. The infant bassinet makes it easy to stroll around with your newborn, or you can attach the included infant car seat—a Graco SnugRide 35 Lite Elite—to use as a travel system when you’re out and about and don’t want to disturb your baby.

Unlike other strollers where the bassinet and the toddler seat are different attachments, with the Modes Nest Travel System you don’t have to store (or pay for) added gear. As you’ll see in Mallorie’s video, the bassinet converts to a toddler seat (and vice versa) with a simple buckle and tilt.

About the Stroller

As for the stroller itself, the Graco Modes Nest Travel System has a few bonus features you won’t find even on more expensive luxury strollers. Most notably, the Slide2Me feature, which lets you adjust the height of your baby’s seat up to eight inches closer.

Slide2Me Graco Modes Nest

That means when your baby is very little and can’t quite see long distances yet, you can keep them extra close for comfort. (And real talk: it also means that when they drop their pacifier, you don’t have to do deep lunges just to pop it back in their mouth). Once your baby is big enough to ride in the toddler seat, you still have plenty of options—forward-facing, rear-facing and with three different height positions using the Slide2Me feature.

Even with the added functionality, the Modes Nest Travel System stroller doesn’t sacrifice on convenience. It folds easily with the toddler seat attached and even stands up on its own when folded.

With the Modes Nest Travel System, Graco took all the best parts of their existing gear—like expandable storage baskets and built-in cup holders—and gave them the luxury upgrade (without the luxury cost). To see more of this travel system in action, check out Mallorie’s complete video review.

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