Highly Rated Baby Products
10 Great Baby Items with Over 500 4-Star Reviews
December 3, 2017

10 Great Baby Items with Over 500 4-Star Reviews

10 Great Baby Items with Over 500 4-Star Reviews.
Hundreds of happy parents can't be wrong.10 Great Baby Items with Over 500 4-Star Reviews

Doing online research on baby products can make your head spin, and it doesn’t help when everyone and their mother (literally, their mothers, too) keep telling you that this car seat/crib/stroller is the absolute best. So, we’ve sorted through highly rated baby products (4 star and up) to help you figure out which ones might be right for you.

A Last-for-Years Car Seat

When Graco says “4Ever,” they mean it. This tried-and-true car seat will take your baby from their first days to the age of 10. You also cannot beat the safety of this bestseller, as it’s been crash tested and side-impact-tested to exceed guidelines. It’s also adjustable, with 6 different recline positions and 10 headrest levels, to keep your child comfortable. The LATCH system and harness feature keep the seat even more secure, and it’s also a cinch to install.

A Go-Anywhere Stroller and Car Seat System

Leaving the house with a baby can be tough, but it’s way easier if you can just strap their seat in the stroller and go. This travel system comes with a rear-facing car seat that snaps in and out of the stroller frame. You can also use the multi-functional stroller on its own, with a reclining seat that allows your baby to lie flat and snooze, or sit up and look around. You also have the option of turning your baby to face you, or to see what’s in front of them.

A Multi-Purpose Playard

Whether you’re just going to Grandma’s or heading out on a vacation, this Pack ‘n Play has you covered. It has a removable bassinet for smaller babies, but can sleep little ones up to 35” tall. There’s even a toy bar to entertain them. Plus, it folds up and out quickly and comes with its own carrying case you can just throw over your shoulder, making it so easy to travel with.

A Stroller System for Parents on the Run

Parents hoping to stay in or get into shape will absolutely love this all-terrain jogger stroller, with an adjustable handle strap. It comes with its own car seat that easily snaps in and out but works as a basic stroller as well for older children up to 50 lbs. You can use it at the mall, or lock in the swivel wheel and take it for a long run.

A Crib that Grows With Baby

This beautiful crib comes in a ton of different finishes and transitions from newborn days to adulthood. First it’s a crib, then a toddler bed, then a daybed and ultimately a full-size bed suitable for a grownup. While the mattresses and rails are sold separately, it’s kind of a relief not to have to buy all new beds as your child gets older.

A Best-of-the-Best Mattress

Shopping for your own mattress is easy—you just pop into a store and plop down to find your faves. For babies, it’s trickier—they can’t tell you what they like. But you can skip all the wondering and opt for this top-rated option, from the number-one crib mattress brand. It has a firm but cozy foundation and a solid border wire that keeps it from sagging. It’s also made with non-toxic, non-allergenic, waterproof materials that not only make it safer, but keep all those nasty germs locked out. It also has a wet-proof cover that wipes clean, as extra reinforcement against leaks.

A Top-Notch Snot Sucker

Before you have kids, there are a lot of things you think you’ll just never do. When your little one is full of snot, though, you’ll do almost anything to ease their discomfort. This nasal aspirator is a life saver, but it doesn’t sound so pleasant—you literally use a tube (with a bacteria-blocking filter) to suck the mucus out of your baby’s nose. Sounds gross, but it works better than any other aspirator!

A Sturdy-Yet-Accessible Enforcer

Keep your baby in a safely child-proofed space with this extra tall baby gate. It has a pass-through door that allows grownups to get in and out, without having to break their necks climbing over the top. It also includes an extension to fit doorways anywhere from 29.5” to 38.5” wide.

A Bottle for Any Baby

Dr. Brown’s is already well known for reducing gas issues and colic, and the brand now has a convertible bottle system that grows with your baby. The bottles have a patented vent technology that creates a paced flow and helps with feeding and digestive problems, while also preserving the nutrients in the milk. They also fit most breast pumps and are BPA free. Bottle bafflement solved!

A Cruiser That’s Both Cool and Useable

This multi-purpose product is both a toy and a walking tool. First, your crawling baby can play with the piano keys, light-up buttons and shape sorter on the removable play panel. Then, as they get older, they can use the walker to test out their new cruising legs.

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