HALO DreamNest Review
HALO DreamNest Review
February 1, 2019

HALO DreamNest Review

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HALO DreamNest Review

If you’re a parent looking for a sleep solution you can move around the house, take to Grandma’s and use from birth to the toddler years, here’s a product might be right for you and your family: the HALO DreamNest.

Babylist Scout Mallorie and her baby Penny show you all the details in the HALO DreamNest video above.

Why We Love It

The HALO DreamNest is an open-air sleep system that’s 3-in-1 with:

  • A rocking bassinet that can be used from birth
  • A portable crib
  • A stand-alone travel cot
  • The “open air” design gives baby a cool and breathable mesh mattress for comfy and safe sleep temps

Keep in Mind

It’s on the heavy side (it weighs 24 lbs), but once it’s set up, the wheels make it easy to move around.

Additional Specs
Weight 24 lbs
Dimensions assembled 40” x 30” x 35”
Bassinet and rocker child guidelines 15 lbs or when baby begins to roll over, push up on hands and knees
Portable crib child guidelines 35” or more than 30 lbs
Travel cot child guidelines 30 lbs

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