Hatch Baby Rest+ Review
Hatch Baby Rest+ Review
August 16, 2019

Hatch Baby Rest+ Review

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Hatch Baby Rest+ Review

A lot of parents love the Hatch Baby Rest. If you’re new to this whole parenting thing, the Hatch Baby Rest is a sound machine and night light with a time-to-rise function on it that you can set to help cue your child for tricky transitions, like naps, bedtime and morning.

And now there’s the Hatch Baby Rest+, which has all of the above, plus a two-way audio monitor and an LED clock on the base. One piece of gear, five ways to use it. Babylist Scout Mallorie gives you all the info on the Hatch Baby Rest+ (and the orignal Hatch Baby Rest) in her review video above.

Why We Love It
  • Sound machine, night light, time to rise and audio monitor, all in one, so you can streamline your baby gear.
  • Super portable: It has rechargeable batteries, so there are no cords to deal with, and you can move it from room to room (or take it on trips) with ease.
  • Wi-Fi and Alexa enabled, so you can control it in lots of different ways. Like when you’re away from home or you forget to turn off the night light after 2 am diaper changes (Wi-Fi), or turn it on or off hands-free (thanks, Alexa!)
  • It grows with your child, from baby to toddler to big kid.
Keep in Mind

You will need a smartphone (Apple or Android), as well as the Rest app, to use many of the cool features.

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