Holiday Gift Ideas That Will Make Your Life Easier
Holiday Gift Ideas That Will Make Your Life Easier
November 25, 2019

Holiday Gift Ideas That Will Make Your Life Easier

Holiday Gift Ideas That Will Make Your Life Easier.
Holiday Gift Ideas That Will Make Your Life Easier

Shopping for small babies during the holidays can be a challenge. They are too young for toddler toys, and it’s not like you can ask your three month old what they want in their stocking this year. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still find gifts you and your baby will love this holiday season. We’ve partnered with Walmart to share some of our favorite gift ideas that are technically for the baby—but secretly? We think you’ll love them the most.

Baby-Friendly Toys

Even if your baby is too young for bricks and blocks, that doesn’t mean they can’t play (in fact play is a super important part of brain development.) These toys will keep them entertained as you recover from your holiday festivities.

The unique shape of this baby gym makes it an immersive experience your baby won’t want to leave. The music and lights will keep them entertained during tummy time, giving you a few minutes to catch up on the news (just kidding, we mean caffeine).

Noise-making toys don’t usually go in making your life easier column. But if they can soothe and entertain babies as young as three months with brain-stimulating classical music? Show us where to get in line. Bonus: this set includes take-along tunes for on-the-go entertainment.

Long car rides aren’t always the most peaceful endeavors with small children. But this car seat and stroller activity set includes a mirror, teether, and rattle. So you can listen to your podcasts while your baby enjoys their own in-car playground.

Activity sets like this Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Piano encourage your baby’s motor skills. But this one goes the extra mile and can be used as a tummy time mat, practice walker and toddler table—depending on your baby’s developmental stage.

For Parents

The best holiday gifts are the ones that make parenting just a little bit easier. From smart swings to peace-of-mind monitors, these are the gifts you’ll want at the top of your list.

A baby bottle that mimics the ergonomics of breastfeeding? Genius. Nanobebe’s starter kit even comes with a smart warming station that heats milk quickly and evenly. And bonus: the adapters make it compatible with most breast pumps so you can skip the middleman.

A noise machine. A night light. A ready-to-wake alarm. This clock combines all three, and grows with your baby. The Rest provides soothing sounds for infants and a smart clock that lets toddlers know when it’s an okay time to wake up. Because sleep is the most coveted gift of them all.

Hatch Rest Baby Night Light, Sound Machine & Time-to-Rise

When the only thing you can have in your baby’s crib is a flat mattress, their sheets become their home. This eco-friendly crib bedding is certified organic and comes with two crib sheets and a soft reversible quilt that’s perfect for sleep time, tummy time or travel.

There’s a reason this rocker and swing combo made it onto our best bouncers and swings list—because it does both. The swing offers front-to-back and side-to-side motions to mimic natural swaying, while the detachable bouncer gives you freedom to roam with your baby hands-free in your home.

Stocking Stuffers

Some of the best baby gifts come in small packages. From plushies to pacifiers, these are the gifts you’ll want to keep in your diaper bag all day every day.

Pacifiers are nothing short of a miracle when it comes to soothing babies, and the attached stuffed animal on this version ensures that yours won’t end up on the floor. The plushie is detachable, so you can use it with an orthodontic pacifier or one of the Soothie kinds (and it makes clean up a breeze.)

A rattle for stimulation. Movable rings for motor skill development (and soothing sore gums). This toy set is the perfect size for keeping in your bag whenever your baby needs on-the-go entertainment.

Brushing your teeth might be an annoying nightly obligation, but to babies, it’s an opportunity to emulate their favorite people. This flexible butterfly-shaped toothbrush is a perfect first toothbrush for tiny hands to grip.

Sized just for little ones, these balls have multiple textures, making them perfect for hands just learning how to grasp. Your baby will also love the different rattles, clacks and characters in each.

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