3 Surprising Facts About Huggies Diapers
3 Surprising Facts About Huggies Diapers
March 2, 2021

3 Surprising Facts About Huggies Diapers

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3 Surprising Facts About Huggies Diapers.
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3 Surprising Facts About Huggies Diapers

Dollar for dollar, diapers are one of the biggest investments you’ll make as a parent. But when you’re standing in front of a row of boxes in the store, it’s only natural if your only priority is keeping messes contained. Beyond that, what else are you supposed to look for?

Your diaper purchase can impact so much more than just your baby’s bottom and your bottom line. In 2021 we’re excited to be partnering with Huggies to bring Babylist users valuable new resources, like our all-new Diaper Calculator plus amazing giveaways like this one (where you can enter to win an entire year’s worth of diapers!). We’re proud to partner with a company that has worked so hard to make a positive impact on families (especially during the pandemic, but before that too). Here are three things we’ve learned about the Huggies brand that we didn’t know before and might surprise you too.

Millions of Diapers Donated

One in three families experiences diaper need—which is shorthand for not having enough diapers to keep your baby clean, dry and healthy. It can happen to anyone, especially in the midst of a crisis like, say, a global pandemic. The challenges that accompany diaper need can cause a ripple effect for families, impacting parents’ ability to go to work and school.

Huggies is dedicated to supporting families in need, and one way they do that is through the National Diaper Bank Network, a nationwide nonprofit committed to eliminating diaper need in America. The Huggies brand is a founding member of the network (which includes over 200 member diaper banks across the US) and through it they have donated over 270 million diapers to families in need over the last ten years.

Support for NICU Families

While most of us probably don’t start our parenting journeys expecting to spend time in the NICU, it’s a reality for one in seven US babies. The added stress puts NICU families at a higher risk for postpartum depression, anxiety disorders and PTSD. Add extra pandemic-related factors like financial concerns, hospital visitation restrictions and social isolation from family/friends, and the risk for perinatal mood and anxiety disorders (PMADs) only increases.

The Huggies brand is the founding sponsor of virtual support programs for Hand to Hold, a national nonprofit organization for NICU families that provides support before, during and after the NICU for the whole family.

As part of their commitment to babies in the NICU, Huggies also developed one of the world’s smallest diapers—designed especially to meet the needs of babies under two pounds. While they may represent a small percentage of babies born each year, the impact on these little ones is significant, as their skin requires extra care while it continues to develop (and prior to Huggies, there hadn’t been a diaper solution tailored to their needs).

Diapers That Do More

Then there are just Huggies diapers and wipes themselves. When you’ve seen as many diapers as we have, it can feel like you’ve seen them all. But Huggies has added a few features to their lineup that we didn’t even think to look for. For starters, all of their diaper and wipes products are now free of any harsh ingredients, natural rubber latex or elemental-chlorine (you can read up on exactly what is inside right here).

Huggies’ newest diaper, Huggies Special Delivery takes it one step further with a plant-based* design that’s dermatologist tested and hypoallergenic for sensitive baby skin (they also have really cute patterns on them. We are suckers for a succulent!) And the Special Delivery Wipes are made from just seven ingredients—99% of which are purified water.

But one of our favorite diaper developments to come about since the invention of the wetness indicator, is found on Huggies Little Snugglers diapers. Huggies added an extra pocket to the waistband, which helps prevent blowouts from traveling out of your baby’s diaper and up their back (also known as a poopsplosion). That’s in addition to the super-soft absorbent liner, hypoallergenic materials and a special umbilical cord notch on newborn size diapers that all come together—along with sensitive wipes like these—to protect your baby’s skin.

Babies go through thousands of diapers each year. If you haven’t added any to your registry yet, head over to the Babylist x Huggies Diaper calculator to figure out just how many you’ll need. And don’t forget to enter our giveaway to win a year’s worth of Huggies Special Delivery diapers totally free.

*20%+ by weight

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