Video Review: Unboxing the Lalo 2-in-1 High Chair
Video Review: Unboxing the Lalo 2-in-1 High Chair
August 26, 2021

Video Review: Unboxing the Lalo 2-in-1 High Chair

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Video Review: Unboxing the Lalo 2-in-1 High Chair

If your baby registry is filled with wooden toys, modern nursery furniture and cute little muted baby clothes, then you may already be considering the Lalo 2-in-1 High Chair for your baby’s mealtimes. It’s the kind of modern high chair that whispers “a baby lives here” instead of screaming it—for around the same price you’d pay for bulkier gear. Babylist Scout Mallorie unboxes the Lalo High Chair in the video review above to see if you also get function with form.

What It Does

The biggest benefit of the Lalo High Chair is the most obvious one—it looks really nice in your home! You’re not going to be folding this up and hiding it when company comes around. And the sleek design makes it easier to clean than a high chair with more nooks and crannies. But there are a few other key features that make the Lalo different from similarly-styled chairs you may also be considering:

  • Easy In and Out: There’s no need to remove the tray when you’re getting your baby in and out of their chair—you can just slip them in and out (watch Mallorie’s video at the :56 mark to see how). That’s one of those small everyday details that counts, like having Velcro on your shoes instead of laces.
  • Two for the Price of One: When your baby outgrows their high chair, pop on the included play chair legs and you’ve got yourself a big kid chair that lasts for years and pairs perfectly with Lalo’s play table and play chairs.

Lalo Play Chair gif

  • Sturdy & Stable: The legs on the Lalo Chair are made from sustainable beechwood, and the wider base makes them particularly stable. So you don’t have to worry about your baby accidentally tipping themselves over.
  • Tableside dining: While this chair comes with a dishwasher-safe tray, it’s also sized so that you can pull it right up to any standard-sized dining table between 28 and 30 inches tall, allowing your baby to enjoy mealtimes with the whole family.

Lalo High Chair Pulling Up gif

On the style front, the Lalo 2-in-1 High Chair comes in five modern colors, and the full kit also includes a machine-washable cover (though you can use the chair without it).

One thing to keep in mind is that the footprint of the Lalo Chair is a little wider than some other high chairs (it’s part of what makes it so stable). So you may want to place this in an area where you’re less likely to trip over it.

Why You’d Want That

There are other high chairs out there with wooden legs and a sleek mid-century look. But the Lalo 2-in-1 High Chair is the only one of the bunch that gives you the option to convert your high chair into a play chair (and back again). So if you don’t have an abundance of storage space to put out-of-use gear, the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of this kit is a real bonus.

High chairs get a lot of mileage over the course of your baby’s childhood. If you’re a style-conscious parent who prefers baby gear that blends in with your home—but doesn’t sacrifice function—the Lalo 2-in-1 High Chair has both. Watch Mallorie’s complete video review to see it in action, and get tips on how to make the most of this gear.

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