5 Ways the Lovevery Play Gym Makes Learning Simple and Stylish
5 Ways the Lovevery Play Gym Makes Learning Simple and Stylish
July 7, 2020

5 Ways the Lovevery Play Gym Makes Learning Simple and Stylish

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5 Ways the Lovevery Play Gym Makes Learning Simple and Stylish

When you’re shopping for a play gym or activity mat, it’s not always easy to understand what everything is for. Are the dangling toys and crunchy things for decoration, or is there more to it?

As it turns out, your baby’s brain doubles in size in the first year (and reaches 80% of adult size by the time they turn three. Whoa.) Which means all that grasping, staring, feeling and kicking your baby does in their play area amounts to a ton of learning.

So your play gym? It’s like a tiny learning lab.

While most play gyms are designed to entertain your baby for the first few months, Lovevery’s modern interpretation of this classic staple grows with your baby—for the whole first year—all while helping you figure out the best way to support your little one’s development. So even though it might look similar to other activity gyms, there’s a lot going on here. Babylist Scout Julie explains in the video above why the award-winning Lovevery Play Gym is pretty different from the rest.

1. Development Zones

The Lovevery Play Gym has a huge play area (up to 50 inches when it’s opened all the way up) with five different development “zones” that you can hide and reveal for maximum discovery fun. Each zone was created to help stimulate learning—from making sounds to discovering how things feel, to exploring colors and even learning about object permanence. The coolest part about these development zones is that you can fold them, expand them and in some cases even change up the scenery to give your baby a variety of play experience during tummy time and beyond.

Lovevery Sensory Strands

2. Educational Accessories

Most play gyms come with removable accessories, but Lovevery went the extra mile to make sure each of theirs serve a specific, research-backed purpose in your baby’s development. Teething? There’s an accessory for that. Learning to grasp? There’s an accessory for that. Even the squishy high-contrast ball that comes with the Play Gym was designed with Montessori-learning principles in mind.

Lovevery recently added a brand-new accessory to their lineup called Sensory Strands, which provides different texture experiences—from smooth silk to squishy organic cotton—for when your baby is learning to reach and grip. Lovevery’s Sensory Strands are sold separately, so you can still add a set even if you already have the Play Gym.

3. Baby Flash Cards

So remember how the Lovevery Play Gym grows with your baby? One of the ways it does that is with interchangeable cards that you can swap in and out of the development zones. You’ll start out with a set of newborn-friendly high contrast black-and-white cards and gradually work your way through common objects, mirrors and pictures of other babies as your little one starts to learn about the world around them.

4. Play Gym to Play Tent

While the Lovevery Play Gym might be a bit more expensive than other play gyms you’ve considered, it’s really a two-for-one special. When your baby outgrows their play gym, just throw on the included Play Space Cover and you’ve got yourself a toddler-sized fort.

5. Built-in Parental Support

Being a parent doesn’t automatically make you proficient in baby sign language or turn you into an expert at making little animals out of snack foods. And Lovevery gets that. That’s one of the reasons they designed the Play Gym—because you’re probably busy just trying to figure out life with an infant, without having to worry if you’re teaching them enough about shapes.

So with each Lovevery Play Gym, you also get their play guide, which includes a year’s worth of ideas on how to play with your baby, backed by (as they put it) “all the research you don’t have time to read.” Which means less Googling and more hanging out with your little one.

From grasping objects and holding their heads up to sitting, crawling and standing, there’s a lot that happens in your baby’s first year. The Lovevery Play Gym helps support your baby’s development every wobbly step of the way. Watch Julie’s full review above to see how it works IRL.

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