Lovevery Subscription Play Kit Review
Here’s What Surprised Us Most about Lovevery’s Play Kits
April 19, 2021

Here’s What Surprised Us Most about Lovevery’s Play Kits

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Here’s What Surprised Us Most about Lovevery’s Play Kits

Baby toys. Out of all the things you research for your baby’s wellbeing, toys feel like they should be the most self-explanatory. They’re bright, they’re colorful, babies like them. What’s to figure out? But you may have noticed a crop of new subscription-based toy delivery kits for babies popping up lately. These bi-monthly kits (like the Lovevery Play Kit our Scout Mallorie reviews in the video above) include age-specific toys curated to your baby’s developmental needs, plus a handy guide for how to use them.

But first, why would you need toys delivered to your house every other month, especially before your baby can even roll over? Well, babies’ brains grow fast (they double in size in the first year alone and reach 80% of adult size by age three). So their developmental needs change pretty much all the time. What we take for granted as “just toys” are actually incredibly powerful learning tools. Lovevery has taken on the challenge of giving your baby exactly the kind of learning tool they need, right when they need it. Here’s what Mallorie and her kiddos discovered when they tested it out.

Lovevery Play Kit 3-4 Month Box Image

What’s Inside Lovevery

Lovevery offers Play Kits for every stage of your baby’s development for the first two years (watch the video above to see exactly what was inside Julie’s first year play kits). Their newborn box is all about high-contrast learning that helps your baby start building connections between their eyes and their brain. As your baby gets older, Lovevery introduces more complex sensory experiences (combining seeing and hearing, for example) while teaching your baby about cause and effect.

Once your baby approaches toddlerhood, Lovevery starts including toys that mirror the world around them, like baby’s first wallet (complete with faux credit cards and wooden coins) to encourage creativity and imagination. After your baby turns one, you can switch to Lovevery’s toddler subscription kit, which is delivered every three months (and contains three months worth of toys).

Play Kits vs. Buying Toys

So you may be asking yourself: Couldn’t I just buy these toys myself? And the short answer is, sort of. The play things you get with a Lovevery subscription were designed specifically for them. But if you spent enough time and research, you could probably assemble your own Montessori-inspired play kits. However, as you’ve likely already gleaned from the sheer quantity of Googling required to set up your registry, research is exhausting. Lovevery has already done all the work, with beautifully designed toys that are backed by experts (and science!). Plus all their toys are made from sustainable, organic materials and not a single one lights up, plays music or requires a battery. Which is a breath of fresh air in a world filled with baby shark plushies.

Lovevery Custom Content Lifestyle Image

Each Lovevery play kit also comes with a play guide filled with tips and ideas for your baby’s developmental stage (it’s basically all the expert research you would find if you had the time, packaged up neatly). The play guide ended up being Mallorie’s favorite part of the Lovevery experience. The early days of parenthood can be a really vulnerable time. You’re sorting out feeding and sleeping and your baby has no way of telling you what they need. The Lovevery research made Mallorie feel like she had a better grasp on her baby’s developmental needs, which ended up being a total confidence booster. So it’s really the combination of information plus tools that ultimately makes the Lovevery play kits feel like more than just toys.

How to Register for Lovevery

We wanted to make it simple for your loved ones to gift you a Lovevery subscription, so you can now easily register for six months worth of Lovevery (aka three play kits) in the Babylist store for $228. Want a whole year’s worth? Just add two Lovevery subscriptions to your registry. And once you’re ready for the boxes to arrive, all you have to do is click “Activate” in your Babylist Gift Tracker and your deliveries will begin.

The bottom line: if you could order delivery for your baby’s brain, it would look like Lovevery. Head to the Babylist store to add it to your registry.

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