Lovevery's Play Gym makes baby science simple and stylish
Lovevery's Play Gym Makes Baby Science Simple and Stylish
March 9, 2018

Lovevery's Play Gym Makes Baby Science Simple and Stylish

Lovevery's Play Gym Makes Baby Science Simple and Stylish .
Lovevery's Play Gym Makes Baby Science Simple and Stylish

With everything new parents have to learn—feeding, diapering, sleep—you’d think playing with baby would be something that comes naturally. But not necessarily.

Many find themselves laying their newborn on the rug, scratching their heads and thinking, “Hmm, now what?” It turns out that baby is learning more, and their brain is growing faster, in the first few years than at any other time in their life, so playtime during that first year is worth thinking about.

The Play Gym by Lovevery helps take the guesswork out of developmental playtime. Unlike other playmats and activity centers, this one grows with baby, so there’s always a form of play that not only entertains little ones, but helps them with mental and physical development.

And the really cool part is that it comes with an activity guide that walks new (and experienced) parents and grandparents through these stages, like visual tracking, mouthing objects and tummy time activities. Who knew parenting could be so fun?! And it’s all based on developmental science, so you’re doing what’s best for baby.

What’s to like about the Lovevery Play Gym?

  • The mat: It’s vibrantly colored and comes with five sensory corners that stimulate baby in different ways—focus, sound, touch, colors and hiding and finding objects. You can hide all the color away for a neutral palette when guests come over, but these zones are so cute you probably won’t want to.
  • The activity book: This is a guide on how to play with your baby based on their development. It breaks baby’s development into small chunks, and lets you know what’s going on with them during that time and how you can play with them to encourage growth. Take 0-12 weeks, for example: high-contrast images are especially important for babies of this age to look at, and the guide walks parents through how to use them during tummy time, on baby’s back and side lying. It’s super helpful to not have to figure it all out on your own—especially when you’re sleep deprived!
  • The toys: The play gym comes with a high-contrast Montessori ball made from organic cotton, a wooden batting ring, a silicone teether and a set of cards. These have things like mirrors, black-and-white shapes and pictures of objects and babies on them, that you can use with baby in different ways as they grow.
  • It’s really easy to put together: You don’t need tools or anything to assemble it—just screw the three wooden “legs” together, and you’re all set. All the wood Lovevery uses is sustainably forested, which is great.
  • Two words: machine washable: You can throw the mat in the washer, and other parts you wipe clean with a cloth. This is big when blowouts happen.

Other things to consider

  • The price tag: Some parents look at the price tag ($140), and think “nope,” but you do get a lot for your money. Many other playmats and activity centers can be used for only a short time before baby outgrows them developmentally. This one works for babies 0-12 months. It also comes with the activity book and some very nice accessories. And…
  • It transforms into a tent: Once baby ages out of the activities, you can still keep the mat around. It comes with a cute cloth that fits over the wooden legs to turn it into a cozy fort for your little one to play in and crawl through. And who doesn’t a love a fort?
  • The size: Lovevery built the gym so that there is room for babies when they are mobile or sitting up. The gym is 24” high x 50” wide x 47” long with all the mat zones open and the legs up, so it’s bigger than many playmats. If you close up the five mat zones, it’s 24”h x 38”w 43”l. And if you want to pack it away, the legs unscrew pretty easily.

So much happens during your baby’s first year of development—the difference between a newborn and a one-year old is crazy! From grasping objects and holding their heads up to sitting, crawling and standing, there’s a lot of learning going on. The Play Gym by Lovevery helps you as a parent support your baby’s development every step—and head lift and roll over—of the way (plus it’ll look cute in your living room!).

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