First Look: The Miku Pro Tracks Breathing and Sleep Without Wearables
First Look: The Miku Pro Tracks Breathing and Sleep Without Wearables
October 19, 2021

First Look: The Miku Pro Tracks Breathing and Sleep Without Wearables

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First Look: The Miku Pro Tracks Breathing and Sleep Without Wearables.
First Look: The Miku Pro Tracks Breathing and Sleep Without Wearables

Baby monitors that track your little one’s breathing motions and sleep habits are pretty cool—that’s a lot more information than you get from a regular video or audio monitor. But most of them require some kind of wearable accessory to gather information—like a swaddle or special sensor—which can be a dealbreaker, especially for parents who might be hesitant about putting sensors on their baby. The new Miku Pro Smart Baby Monitor does information gathering without accessories. Here’s how it works.

Miku Breathing Waveform GIF

What It Does

The Miku Pro uses a combination of high-tech sensors and a proprietary algorithm to monitor your baby in their crib and gather information while they sleep (or play or hang out). It’s basically the same technology that helps self-driving cars “see.”

Miku Breathing Waveform Image

Then they use that information to tell you things like:

  • Movement Status: Using the Miku app, you can watch your baby’s live video feed to see their breathing “waveform” (the little ripples at the bottom of the screen showing their breathing pattern) and breaths per minute. Using the Miku App settings, you can even turn on different alerts that will trigger a notification depending on how your baby’s movement status changes.
  • Sleep Stats: Miku combines all of your baby’s sleep info into a handy snapshot that shows how long your baby slept, how many times they woke up (even the ones you don’t know about), and other info that can help you better understand your baby’s sleep patterns.
  • Nightvision: Advanced night vision means not only can you see your baby when the lights are out, but the Miku Pro can still read your baby’s breathing motions even in complete darkness.

And because the Miku Pro is WiFi-enabled, you can check on your little one from anywhere inside your home and from the restaurant across town when you’re out for date night.

Miku Sounds

There are a few other bonus features you won’t want to miss either:

  • Bonus Audio: Dual speakers and a two-way microphone allow you to play sleep sounds and lullabies right from your monitor—no sound machine needed. And you can talk with your baby, comforting them with your voice even when you’re in the other room.
  • No WiFi, No Problem: Miku uses your home’s WiFi to send your baby’s video feed to your phone, but you can still stream it even if the internet goes out, as long as your phone and the Miku Pro are connected to the same WiFi network.

Keep in mind, Miku will only record sleep stats when your baby is within sight of their monitor; so if you want to see your baby’s sleep stats or monitor their breathing outside of the crib (like when they pass out on their playmat), you’ll either need to do that manually or move your Miku Pro around.

Miku Pro Monitor Screen

Why You’d Want That

Sleep tracking and breathing movement monitoring can help give you peace of mind and valuable info when you’re deep in the “is this normal” stage of newborn life. But not all parents are comfortable with wearable technology—or you may not want to deal with the added step of having to remember to put something else on your baby each night.

With the Miku Pro, you get the same kind of information in a much simpler package. There’s nothing to charge, or remember to wash and put on your baby. And since there are no accessories to outgrow, you can use the Miku Pro for as long as you want—well into toddlerhood and beyond. So if you’ve been eyeballing smart monitors, but weren’t sure if you’d actually follow through on, you know, using one, the Miku Pro might just be the low-effort happy medium you were looking for.

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