Video Review: Munchkin 98° Digital Bottle Warmer
First Look: The No-Fuss Body Temp Digital Bottle Warmer
May 18, 2021

First Look: The No-Fuss Body Temp Digital Bottle Warmer

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First Look: The No-Fuss Body Temp Digital Bottle Warmer

There are plenty of ways to heat up bottles. But a few factors can lessen the chance you’ll end up with a hangry baby while you wait:

  • How quickly you can set up and warm the bottle
  • How accurate the warmer is (aka does it make a bottle that’s too hot, too cold or just right?)

Munchkin’s new 98° Digital Bottle Warmer aims to improve both, with a simplified setup that automatically warms milk to body temperature and then keeps it that way for up to 30 minutes. We’ve got a first look at this new gear in the video review above. Here’s how it works.

How It Works

The big news with this new Munchkin warmer is that it eliminates the need for a water reservoir (more on that in a minute). You simply twist the warmer onto the top of your filled bottle, then flip the whole thing over and hit the start button for two seconds. As the milk warms, the temperature gauge will give you a live reading of how warm the bottle is.

Munchkin 98 Degree Bottle Warmer GIF

The warmer on its own is compatible with Avent Natural or Evenflo Balance bottles (they screw on directly), but you’ll also get four adapters that work with Dr. Brown’s Original bottles, Tommee Tippee, NUK and Medela bottles.

Because the warmer interacts directly with the liquid inside your bottle, it’s best suited for breastmilk—but if you’re warming formula, Munchkin simply recommends heating the water first and then mixing the powder in afterwards (or at least making sure that your formula is really well mixed so any loose powder won’t interfere with the warming element). Once it’s done, the warmer will keep your bottle at 98° for up to 30 minutes (handy if you’ve stepped away for a diaper change, or if your baby isn’t quite hungry yet, but will be soon).

Why You’d Want That

Most bottle warmers require you to fill a reservoir with water, and then as the water heats it also heats up your bottle. While this method heats your bottle more quickly and evenly than, say, running it under warm water, it doesn’t always guarantee that your milk is the right temperature. The digital thermometer on this warmer eliminates any concerns about consistency or accuracy.

Plus the water reservoir adds the extra step of measuring and pouring (and the supplies needed to do that). A major inconvenience? Maybe not. But when it comes to baby stuff, any and all improvements are welcome. The last thing worth mentioning is the size of this warmer: it’s really compact. So if you’re worried about counter space, this is probably going to take up about as much room as that mug of coffee you accidentally left out from this morning.

Bonus Tips

A few things to keep in mind: because the surface of this warmer touches milk, you’re going to want to clean it after every use (a quick wipe with soap and water will do the trick). Munchkin even recommends descaling it once a day (that’s when you clean it with a mix of water and vinegar to keep mineral deposits from forming—the FAQ here has more on that).

So know yourself: if your sink is emptied every night and your countertops wiped down, this probably won’t be a dealbreaker for you. If your stove is covered in last week’s spaghetti sauce, it might be.

And while this warmer can heat bottles in as little as two minutes, the final time will vary depending on how full the bottle is and the starting temperature (really, really full bottles filled with really, really cold milk can take up to seven minutes, but you can reduce that time by giving the bottle a quick rinse under warm water before heating). Want to see how all this works IRL? Check out Gina’s complete video review above to watch the Munchkin 98° Digital Bottle Warmer in action.

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