Video Review: The Ultra-Lightweight Munchkin Swing
First Look: The Ultra-Lightweight New Munchkin Swing
March 9, 2021

First Look: The Ultra-Lightweight New Munchkin Swing

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First Look: The Ultra-Lightweight New Munchkin Swing

Considering we can now fit entire computers inside our pockets, you’d think baby swings would be as streamlined as the rest of modern technology. But it’s not always possible for gear to be effective and lightweight (without costing twice as much). The new Bluetooth enabled swing from Munchkin—aptly titled Swing—looks like it could be the 21st century answer to soothing your little one. Babylist Scout Courtney tested this new gear to see what makes the Munchkin Swing stand out.

As Light as a Gallon of Milk

Munchkin is best known for taking baby essentials and making them just a little sleeker and a little smarter. They just usually do it on a smaller scale. (Have you seen those spill-resistant sippy cups that don’t have a spout? That’s them.) So if you’re looking at the Munchkin Swing and thinking that doesn’t exactly look like a swing to me, you wouldn’t be alone.

Part of what makes the Munchkin Swing different is that it challenges the idea of what a swing can look like. While most baby swings are suspended from a frame and offer front-to-back motion (with newer swings offering side-to-side or up-and-down motions as well), the Munchkin Swing sits on the floor and focuses on mimicking the natural swaying motion you would use when rocking your baby in your arms.

Munchkin Swing Swaying GIF

So basically, they’ve combined the mechanical soothing power of a swing with the low-profile footprint of a bouncer or rocker. And here’s why that’s a big deal: even similarly sized swings often weigh anything from 18-25 lbs, but the Munchkin Swing weighs under 9 lbs. That’s about the difference between grabbing a gallon of milk out of your fridge or lugging a stand mixer out of your cabinet. For some, that difference might be no biggie. And for others, that’s the reason they don’t bake. So if you’re the kind of person who is more likely to use gear when you can easily cart it around, those extra 10 pounds could make all the difference.

Munchkin Swing Walking GIF

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Another standout feature of the Munchkin Swing that you won’t find on others? It. Folds. Flat. Like, really flat. You can see exactly how that works in Courtney’s video, but essentially you just pop the swing off the base, tuck the cord away and stash it under your couch (or the coffee table, or your bed, or under your TV stand…).

Munchkin Swing Folding GIF

For being so streamlined, Munchkin packs quite a few high-tech features into the Swing. It comes with a fancy digital touch display that lets you control five different speeds of motion and 12 soothing sounds (including 8 ambient sounds and 4 classical music pieces), plus a built-in timer feature. You can also use the included remote control to change the settings when you’re up and about.

And if you want to expand your soothing options to include audio that’s more in touch with your personal taste? The Swing also connects to Bluetooth, allowing you to play music from your phone or broadcast your baby’s favorite podcast (they’re never too young, right?)

Swings can be a powerhouse piece of gear in the early days of parenthood—and yes, you can use the Munchkin Swing from day one right up until your baby can sit up or climb out of the Swing on their own. But with great power often comes limited portability. The Munchkin Swing challenges that by being similarly priced (or just slightly more) than what you’d pay for a much bulkier piece of gear. Watch Courtney’s full video review to see this modern gear in action.

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