How to Prepare for Outdoor Adventures with Baby

Outdoor Adventures with Baby

May 17, 2018

Outdoor Adventures with Baby

Outdoor Adventures with Baby.
Headed outdoors with baby? Here is the gear and products you need to keep baby safe in the sun including the best baby sunscreen, safe insect repellant for babies, hand sanitizer for babies and more.Outdoor Adventures with Baby

No matter your adventurer level—backpacker or park goer, mountain climber or stroller—taking your child along for the ride on your outdoor experiences can be fun—and a great bonding opportunity.

While adventuring with babies and toddlers does take some advance planning—and, yes, a bit more stuff!—it’s totally doable. Here’s what to bring along, depending on your adventure.

All the adventures

Regardless of where you’re headed, here are the must haves:

  • Snacks: A happy kid is a fed kid. If your baby is young, be sure to bring along the supplies you’ll need for breastfeeding or formula feeding. For older kiddos, a healthy supply of portable snacks, like fruit, crackers or those pouches kids love so much (be sure to bring your trash with you).
  • Water: Bring along a sippy cup for toddlers to stay hydrated (and don’t forget some for you).
  • Diapers and wipes: Stash a few of each in your bag or tote for the trip.
  • Sunscreen: It’s important to protect baby’s skin during any outdoor adventure.

A good sunscreen is key when little ones—or anyone—are heading outdoors. Keep their skin protected from the sun’s harmful UVA/UVB rays with Baby Bum SPF 50 Mineral Sunscreen Lotion. Broad spectrum, lightweight and non-greasy, this sunscreen lotion is chemical free and 100-percent mineral based so it protects, but still applies and absorbs easily with a non-oily feel. Coconut oil and shea and cocoa butters help hydrate skin, and this vegan, hypoallergenic sunscreen is water resistant for up to 80 minutes.

The beach

Everyone loves a day at the beach, especially little ones. Whether you’re heading to the ocean or making an afternoon of it at the local lake, here are some ideas for making a water-focused adventure fun and safe.

The supplies: Sun protection is a must. After you’ve slathered sunscreen on baby, add a sun hat for extra protection. Look for one that’s water-resistant, with a wide brim and an under-chin tie so it won’t get whipped away in the wind. For swimwear, rash guards are awesome, as they provide more coverage on baby’s back, arms and tummy. Many come with UPF sun protection.

If baby’s getting wet, swim diapers are a must. They withstand water and contain solids and make beach time a lot happier for everyone.

A cute finishing touch? Baby sunglasses 😎

As for gear, a beach tent can provide a respite from the sun and sand—and provide your little one with space to nap if you’re staying all day. And don’t forget the sand toys! Buckets, shovels, sand rakes and scoopers are sure to keep little ones entertained.

Salt, wind and water can be harsh on baby’s tender skin (and grownups’, too). Après-water fun, apply a lotion to your child’s skin to replenish moisture.

Whether baby has been out in the sun or it’s just post-bath time, a good lotion is great to have on hand to soothe their parched skin. Baby Bum Everyday Lotion is ultra-gentle, non-greasy and soothing, made from with a blend of coconut oil and aloe, shea and cocoa butters to nourish and hydrate skin. It’s also paraben, petroleum, sulfate and mineral oil free, and is pediatrician and dermatologist tested. For extra-sensitive skin, there’s also a fragrance-free version, and a lavender-coconut-scented Calming Lotion for bedtime.


Whether you’re heading for the hills or flat trails around the neighborhood, taking baby for a hike can be fun for both of you. Getting out of the house and into fresh air is always welcome, and you can point out different kinds of plants, birds and animals along your route. Here are some tips for a hiking adventure.

If baby is little or not up to walking long distances on their own, a carrier or hiking backpack is key. You’ll be hands free, and they can go along for the ride without tiring out little legs and even snooze.

Dress baby appropriately for the weather (if they’ll be in a carrier, put them in breathable fabrics so they don’t get too sweaty if it’s hot) and don their head with a hat to protect from the elements.

Also bring along a kid-safe insect repellent. That includes DEET formulations of 10-30 percent (babies two months or younger shouldn’t be exposed to DEET), botanicals like citronella or catnip oil and Picaridin. A first-aid kit can also be good to have, in case any owies are occurred along the way.

Since tiny hands are bound to get grubby, a hand sanitizer can be handy when there’s not soap or water around.

Kids love to play in the dirt, touch plants and pick up yucky things from the ground as soon as you turn your head. This hand sanitizer from Baby Bum can help get the gross stuff of their hands, while still being gentle on their young skin. A no-rinse antibacterial spray derived from sugar cane alcohol, it’s tested to kill 99.9-percent of germs without harsh chemicals. It’s also infused with Monoi coconut oil and fruit extracts to keep skin soft. And it’s vegan, to boot!


Biking as a family is a great bonding experience. Not only do you get outside together, it’s great exercise and can make regular outings to the park or lunch a fun adventure. Babies will be ready to join the excitement at around 12 months, when they have solid head and neck control (and that’s the legal age limit in many states).

So aside from a bike, what will you need? Baby’s gotta ride somewhere, so you’ll need a bike seat or a bike trailer. What’s the difference? Bike seats mount to the back or front frame of your bike. Bike trailers are the covered things that attach to the rear of the bike and follow along behind you.

A bike helmet is essential for your little one—they help reduce severe and fatal head injuries. Be sure the helmet fits correctly (it should fit squarely on top of the head in a level position and not slide back and forth or side to side).

Though that little noggin will be covered up, you’ll want to be sure their noses and hands that are exposed have a good layer of sunscreen, even on cloudy days. This one is handy to carry along when you don’t have room for a lot of stuff.

This mineral sunscreen has everything that’s awesome about Baby Bum’s lotion sunscreen—SPF 50 broad spectrum, hypoallergenic, free of paraben, silicone, petroleum and fragrances—but in a super-easy to apply stick form. Swipe it on noses, lips, ears or all over baby’s face, then stash it in your purse, diaper bag or even a pocket. Convenient!

Now that you have what you need for your outdoor adventures, it’s time for you and baby to get outside!

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