This Monitor Tracks Heart Rate and Oxygen Levels From Birth to Age Five
This Monitor Tracks Heart Rate and Oxygen Levels From Birth to Age Five
August 31, 2021

This Monitor Tracks Heart Rate and Oxygen Levels From Birth to Age Five

This Monitor Tracks Heart Rate and Oxygen Levels From Birth to Age Five.
This Monitor Tracks Heart Rate and Oxygen Levels From Birth to Age Five

It’s perfectly normal to want to check in on your baby at night, even when they’re past—like way past—those first few months of newborn sleep. That’s why fans of Owlet might be excited about their latest update: the new Smart Sock Plus monitors your baby’s nighttime heart rate and oxygen levels until they are five years old.

What Is an Owlet Smart Sock?

Even sophisticated video monitors only let you see and hear your baby. But Owlet created a special kind of monitor that lets you combine video with a soft, wearable sock that tracks your baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels while they sleep—notifying you of any changes you’d want to be aware of.

Owlet Smart Sock on baby photo

What It Does

The hero of the Owlet monitoring system is the Smart Sock. You place it on your baby’s foot like in the image above, and it uses pulse oximetry technology (like those things they put on your finger at the doctor’s office) to measure their heart rate and oxygen levels. If your baby’s readings leave the pre-set zones, the Smart Sock will send an audio and visual notification to the monitor base station like this:

Owlet Base Station gif

But it does more than that too:

  • Sleep Pattern Tracking: The Smart Sock also measures your baby’s sleep patterns, including total hours slept, number of wakings and overall sleep quality so you can use that info to help your little one get better rest.
  • HD Video Monitoring: There are a few ways you can bundle Owlet products: use the Smart Sock all by itself or bundle it with the Owlet Cam (also known as the Monitor Duo) for a complete monitoring system. The Owlet Cam allows you to keep an eye on your baby with HD video that streams right to the Owlet app on your phone (and it can be used with or without the Smart Sock as your baby grows).
  • Bonus Monitoring: The Owlet Cam streams background audio even when you don’t have the app open, so you can still keep an ear out for your baby’s needs when you’re on your phone. It also monitors your baby’s room temperature, and has extra security features to make sure only you are able to access your baby’s video feed.

Owlet Smart Sock on older child photo

Why You’d Want That

New parents often joke about accidentally waking their babies when creeping into a room to check on them. In reality, wondering if your baby is “okay” when they are asleep can impact your sleep. A system like Owlet’s Smart Sock Plus can help give you the extra peace of mind you may need to get those much-needed Zzzs.

While the Smart Sock used to have a limited shelf life of about 18 months (babies feet grow quickly!) the newest Smart Sock Plus grows with your baby from birth until they reach 55 lbs or around five years—something Owlet parents have been asking for as their babies turn into toddlers. Because spoiler alert: the urge to check in with your baby may not disappear as quickly as you’d expect. Or ever.

Keep in mind, the Owlet Smart Sock is meant to be used when your baby is sleeping, so it can’t give you information when your little one is up and about. And since this kind of monitor is designed to work with your phone, you won’t be able to leave a monitor behind with a babysitter or family member when they’re watching your baby (they’ll need to create an Owlet account for you to grant them access your feed).

At $359 (plus $149 for the Cam) the Owlet Smart Sock Plus is on the higher end of baby monitors. But if you think you may be the kind of parent who is “just going to pop into the nursery real quick” several times a night, it may just be the above-and-beyond monitor system you’re looking for.

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