Baby Registry Advice from Experienced Parents
Baby Registry Advice from Experienced Parents
January 8, 2018

Baby Registry Advice from Experienced Parents

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Baby Registry Advice from Experienced Parents.
There’s a lot of advice on what to add to your baby registry. These tips come from parents who've been there.Baby Registry Advice from Experienced Parents

There’s a lot of advice out there on what to add to your baby registry. With well-meaning friends, your mom (and mother-in-law) and bloggers offering up their registry essentials, you are bombarded with differing opinions. Not sure who to listen to or what advice to take?

Here is advice from real moms who have been there (in the same decade as you!) on how to approach your registry—and what to add to it.

Register for What You Want—Including Big-Ticket Items

Your registry should be about what you want and need for your baby, not a collection of the cheapest stuff out there. It is worth registering for your big-ticket items, too, because some people might go in together on the gift. And if not, most registries (like Babylist) offer a completion discount in case you want to buy it yourself.

Britax B Agile: You might find you put more miles on your stroller than your car during baby’s first year. From coffee shop runs to attempts at regular walks for exercise to trying to get baby to go to sleep, stroller walks are key! You might as well invest. The Britax B Agile Stroller is great for all of those things and more—plus the B Safe 35 Infant Seat it comes with clicks directly into the stroller so you can take baby from the car to the stroller and back into the house. Handy when they’re sound asleep. Also, the basic black style goes with every outfit.

Not only will you need a crib, but parents, grandparents and close friends probably would love the chance to buy your baby such a special gift. The Baby Relax Hollis 4-in-1 Convertible Crib is great because it’s gender neutral and can work as a crib, toddler bed, day bed and a full-size bed, meaning more bang for your buck (or whoever gifts it to your baby!) Plus, the modern sleigh design is so cute.

If you think you won’t need a real diaper bag and can get away with carrying your favorite large handbag, you might want to reconsider. The Skip Hop Chelsea Downtown Chic Diaper Bag is runway inspired, chic and black, but it has all the practical elements that make a diaper bag essential: lots of pockets, both interior and out, insulated side pockets for bottles, a changing pad and stroller clips, just to name a few.

A rocker or glider for the nursery is one of the bigger investments you’ll make when you have a baby. You’ll spend lots of time feeding baby and getting them to sleep (or trying!), so you want the chair to be comfortable and good quality. This one is both. Plus, its neutral color works with pretty much any nursery decor.

Registering for Basics Isn't Bad

Many people—especially seasoned parents—want to give you things you really need and will use. And you will definitely use diapers and wipes! So why not add them to your registry?

Pampers Swaddlers are the ones hospitals use, so they are a great choice. Parents love them, too, for their softness and wetness-indicator stripe. Be sure to register for multiple sizes—newborn, 1 and 2—if you have room to store them.

As a parent, you can never have too many wipes. From diaper changes to quick cleaning of little fingers and toes to whatever else comes your way, wipes are a daily essential. You’ll want to stash them in various places besides the diaper-changing zone, like your diaper bag, the living room, the stroller and your car.

Seasoned parents know that burp cloths are amazingly handy to have around, not just for throwing over your shoulder while burping baby to protect your clothes from spit up. Use them as a makeshift changing pad when you’re on the go, as a bib, emergency cloth diaper or to wipe up any number of messes. Tip: keep a few in the car.

Register for Different Types of Items Until You Learn What Baby Likes

Baby’s bottle and swaddle preferences vary as much as babies themselves. Add a variety of items and brands to your registry so you can learn what your baby likes.

The Avent Glass Bottles are great to try because of the natural, wide shape of the bottle, the anti-colic system and the simple assembly and cleaning. Even if you plan on breastfeeding, having bottles on hand can make life easier—someone else can feed baby while you rest or get things done. Get more bottle suggestions in our Babylist best bottles guide.

Aden + Anais Swaddle Blankets are really popular for good reason: they are the perfect swaddling size, are made from soft, breathable muslin and come in really cute prints. But they also serve lots of other purposes, from being a regular blanket, changing pad or nursing cover in a pinch.

It’s good to add some swaddle wraps on your registry, in case your baby is the snuggly, tight swaddle-loving kind. These are easier to use than swaddling in a blanket and stay put well, thanks to the hook and loop attachments. Plus, the leg pouch opens for easy diaper changes.

Register for Some Gender-Neutral Items So You Can Use Them Again

You found out the gender of your baby and could not be more excited to buy all the blue or pink things. But when it comes to gear, keep in mind that any future babies you have might not be the same gender, and you’ll need less stuff next time around if you keep the gear gender neutral.

Fisher Price Papasan Cradle Swing: A swing or bouncer is a great way to soothe baby and give yourself some hands-free time. This Fisher Price Papasan Cradle Swing is a great gender-neutral option. Its monkey motif is adorable, and it comes with two swinging motions, 16 songs and three seat positions so baby will be comfy and soothed.

Babywearing is an amazing way to bond with your baby, to keep them close when you’re out and about and even to get things done around the house. The BabyBjorn Carrier in Denim Gray is a really cute option that you’ll love wearing with either a boy or a girl, and any caregiver will appreciate the style. Plus, it has padded shoulder straps for you, and an ergonomic leg position for baby.

When setting up your baby’s nursery, you might want to add some gender-neutral elements to it. Consider registering for a cute bedding set that can work for any baby. This owl set is a really cute choice!

Register for Items for 6 Months and Beyond

Babies grow fast, and you’re going to need things for them when they’re older. Register for some things that are for the 6-12-month age range so you don’t find yourself running to the store to buy a bunch of things all at once.

Graco Blossom: Sure, it seems like you aren’t going to need a high chair for a while, but those first six months fly by, and you’ll be in the solids stage before you know it. The Graco Blossom is a great addition to have on your registry so you are prepared. It also grows with your child—it has six height adjustments and works as an infant feeding booster, a regular high chair, a toddler booster and a big kid chair.

You might think you can get away without registering for all the things but one item you don’t want to leave off the list is an activity center or jumper. It will probably turn out to be one of your baby’s favorite things, which means you’ll love it, too—especially because it will give you a much-needed break from time to time. This ExerSaucer features 45 fun learning activities, three height adjustments to grow with your child and a removeable, washable seat pad.

One Person’s 'Don’t Bother' Is Another Person’s 'Must Have'

You’ll hear all kinds of advice about seemingly useless baby products, but just because something didn’t work for one baby or parent, doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t work for yours. Trust yourself, and if there’s something you really want, add it to your registry. Here are some easily dismissed items some experienced parents ended up loving.

Munchkin Diaper Pail: Sure, you can just throw dirty diapers in a regular garbage can or take them out to your outdoor bins right away, but when you’re changing a million poopy diapers and are sleep deprived and it is the middle of the night, you are going to see the value in having a diaper pail in the nursery. The Munchkin Diaper Pail keeps the dirty diaper smell inside the pail, thanks to its self-sealing design.

Lots of people will tell you a wipes warmer isn’t necessary, but parents who like them swear by it. Warm wipes sometimes soothe fussy babies (especially in colder climates), and wipes warmers also do something else—they keep wipes moist. So you’ll have wipes that are wet and dispense easily—which is priceless when you’re mid-diaper change.

Though it’s an oft-disputed baby product, a bottle warmer is beloved by many parents. Imagine you’ve made a bottle for a hungry baby (especially during those night feedings) and then you have to wait for it to get warm. You can’t microwave it (it heats unevenly and could burn your baby), and other methods are slow and unpredictable. A warmer like the Tommee Tippee Bottle Warmer makes heating bottles and baby food a snap—and it does it safely.

“Why not just use wipes in their original packaging?” expectant parents may ask. Sure, you could, but a lot of experienced parents swear by a wipes dispenser. Its weighted bottom prevents the container from moving around, so you’ll only pull out the wipes you need, instead of, say, a clump of 10. It also keeps the wipes moist.

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