5 Accessories to Make Bathtime Comfier for You and Baby
5 Accessories to Make Bathtime Comfier for You and Baby
May 25, 2021

5 Accessories to Make Bathtime Comfier for You and Baby

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5 Accessories to Make Bathtime Comfier for You and Baby.
5 Accessories to Make Bathtime Comfier for You and Baby

While you don’t need to bathe babies everyday, for a lot of families, the nightly bathtime routine can be a helpful and relaxing tool to wind down before bedtime. But getting your little one clean isn’t always the most ergonomic process—especially for your elbows and your knees. These products can make it safer and more comfortable for both you and your baby.

A Bath That Works Outside the Tub

Most babies are small enough to get their first few months of baths outside of the tub (which is especially helpful if you don’t have a full-size bathtub at home). You can avoid unnecessary bending by starting out with a countertop or sink bather. Just make sure you keep one hand on your baby at all times if they’re any higher than the floor.

The Rock Star Rinser

Even babies who love bathtime don’t always enjoy getting their hair rinsed. This special rinsing cup was designed to direct a gentle flow of water away from your baby’s eyes and ears, so that shampoo time can remain tear-free.

Joint-Friendly Accessories

If bathtime is a daily ritual for your family, your body might start to feel it after a while (especially if you graduate to a tub that requires a lot of kneeling and bending). This joint-saver includes a soft elbow pad for when you need to lean against the side of the tub plus a squishy spot to support your knees. There’s even a built-in pocket to keep your soap and shampoo easily accessible.

An Anti-Bump Spout

Your baby might not be splashing around in their tub just yet, but it won’t be long before the bath becomes equal parts sanitation station and play zone. When that happens, this cute whale-shaped spout protector can prevent unexpected bumps and bonks from happening. It’s durable and dishwasher safe, so it should last through several years of bathtime fun.

No-Fuss Toys

Sometimes bathtime comfort is about making the tub a space your baby wants to be. When you’re ready to add toys to your routine, the simplest option may be the one that gets the most mileage. These low-key stackers have varying sized holes on the bottom for a fun sprinkle effect your baby won’t tire of (and the smart stick-on storage bin will help you keep track of them).

From tummy time to chasing after toddlers, baby-related activities can make you feel like a part-time gymnast. Anything that adds comfort (and safety) to your routine is a plus. You can find more bathtime accessories here or get just the essentials with this handy award-winning kit.

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