Product Review: Stokke Xplory X Stroller
First Look: The Fashionable and Functional Stokke Xplory X Stroller
July 6, 2021

First Look: The Fashionable and Functional Stokke Xplory X Stroller

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First Look: The Fashionable and Functional Stokke Xplory X Stroller

As the first-ever stroller to introduce an adjustable-height seat to bring your baby closer, the Stokke Xplory X is a pretty unique piece of gear. But you could figure that out just by looking at it! In our video review above, Babylist Scout Gina takes the Xplory X for a test drive to break down how this chic stroller works.

What It Does

There are a few things you’ll find on the Stokke Xplory X that you won’t find on most other strollers you’re considering.

A sleek, slim stroller body. The first thing you’ll notice about the Xplory X is the body. Or rather…lack thereof. Stokke replaced the bulky rectangular frame of the average stroller with a single center support, making it easier to fold and maneuver in tight spaces.

Stokke Xplory Adjustable Seat gif

An adjustable-height seat. The hardshell seat on the Stokke Xplory X slides up and down so your baby can ride extra close while facing you (they were the first to come up with this idea). Since babies can’t see particularly far, that closeness can be a comfort to your little one, encouraging bonding and connection while you’re both exploring the world. It also means a lot less bending over for you.

For the early days of strolling, the Xplory X comes with an infant insert (that Gina swears is so soft you’ll wish you had it in adult form). There’s also a bassinet-style carry cot and an infant car seat with adapters you can purchase separately depending on how you want to use your stroller.

This Stokke Xplory X grows with your baby from newborn to toddler (up to 48.5 lbs) and the seat can recline three different ways—actively up, reclined for relaxing and flat for sleep—with parent-facing and forward-facing options.

Stokke Xplory Adjustable Handlebar gif

An adjustable handle. Parents come in all shapes and sizes (and heights!). So Stokke designed the Xplory X with a leatherette handle that slides up and down, and even changes angles for maximum ergonomic comfort.

Front storage bag. Most strollers have an area underneath your baby’s seat to store your on-the-go needs. But Stokke moved this to the front and gave it a zipper, so that it’s out of the way (but still easy to access) and super secure.

Earth-friendly fabrics. The colorful, runway-inspired premium fabrics on the Xplory X’s canopy aren’t just for show. Made from 100% recycled fabric, the expandable canopy is also water repellant and offers UPF 50+ protection.

Why You’d Want That

The biggest benefit of the Xplory X is the adjustability. While something like a variable height handle might seem like a minor detail on a stroller (elbows bend, after all), it can be a major comfort factor if you have a partner who is significantly taller or shorter than you. Meanwhile, the ability to bring your baby closer by changing the seating position really can impact the experience for both of you—especially during those early days when your baby craves that connection.

It’s worth noting that all of these premium features do come with a premium price tag—just under $1,000—making this a true luxury stroller. If we’re comparing it to cars, we’re talking Mercedes Benz. Which means you’re not just getting comfort and safety, you’re also getting style. If you’re comparing strollers in this price range, you’ve probably already figured out that there’s just not much that looks like it!

Bonus Tips

Gina really only found two sticking points when testing out this gear. While many modern strollers prioritize a one-handed, self-standing fold, there are a few more steps when it comes to packing up the Stokke Xplory X (specifically, you need to remove the seat to fold it).

You can watch Gina’s review at the 2:24 mark to see those steps in action, but otherwise just be mindful that if you’re going to be folding and unfolding your stroller a lot in everyday life (i.e. if you commute by train), you may need to factor additional time into your routine.

It also takes a little extra work to adjust the height of the harness straps on the Xplory X (you have to use a key and a screwdriver to move the straps from one height to the next). While this isn’t necessarily an adjustment you’ll make often, you do want to make sure it’s one you’re prepared for.

If you’ve encountered other Stokke gear in the wild, you’ve probably noticed a pattern: they’re all about reimagining everyday staples to be more practical, stylish and to grow with your baby (you’ve probably seen the Stokke high chair that lasts almost forever). The Stokke Xplory X is no exception. Watch Gina’s video review to see the rest of the features they’ve packed into this reimagined stroller to see if it’s the right ride for your family’s adventures.

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