4 Hiking and Biking-Friendly Baby Gear Essentials
4 Hiking and Biking-Friendly Baby Gear Essentials
November 11, 2021

4 Hiking and Biking-Friendly Baby Gear Essentials

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4 Hiking and Biking-Friendly Baby Gear Essentials.
4 Hiking and Biking-Friendly Baby Gear Essentials

If getting outdoors is a highlight of your week or regular part of your day, you might be wondering how to include a baby in your adventures ahead. Luckily, the gear makers on which you may already rely are ready to help you with this transition.

If you have ski equipment, bikes or kayaks, you may be familiar with Thule —pronounced “Too-lee,” it’s Swedish. They are best known for car racks, but also safe, sturdy, smartly-designed luggage, cargo carriers and car camping gear for every season.

What you may not know is that they also make trailers, strollers, bike seats and backpacks for babies that have the same thoughtful design, durable construction and thorough safety testing as their classic products. Here are four of their adventure-ready gear essentials that can help you hit the road with your baby (and their many accessories).

From Sidewalks to Ski Trails

If any parents were going to figure out how to safely bring a baby into the winter wild, it’s the Scandinavian ones, so Thule designed a multisport trailer that can take you from city sidewalks to bike lanes to snowy ski trails.

The Thule Chariot Cross 2 transforms between a bike trailer, a stroller, a jogger or a ski trailer, making it one of the most versatile, long-lasting pieces of baby gear that you can own (the cycling and strolling kits are included; jogging and skiing kits are sold separately). Here’s how that looks in real life:

Thule Chariot Cross 2

Thule Chariot Cross 2 Ski

Thule Chariot Cross 2 Bike

The Thule Chariot Cross 2 has a reclining, padded seat, a great view for its passenger(s) and lots of storage space. It totes about twice as much as the average stroller, up to 100 pounds, but will still fold up with the push of a button.

Hitting the Road

While the Thule Chariot Cross 2 is a pretty sweet piece of gear, you don’t need a trailer to go cycling with your baby. Bike-mounted child seats help keep your little one close, so they can share the view of the world around you—whether on your commute or on a bike path. Thule offers a few models that can be used starting around nine to 12 months.

Thule’s bike seats are uniquely comfortable for tiny riders, providing leg support, foot rests and foot straps to keep those tootsies in. One of their more popular models is the Thule Yepp Maxi, of which there are two versions: one that mounts to a rear-rack or right to your bike’s frame. Shock absorbing seat padding and a secure-yet easily-adjustable five-point harness keep your kid cozy and safe.

If having your baby out of your line of sight in traffic is a little nerve-wracking, the Yepp Mini mounts to your handlebars and will hold up to 33 pounds. It also has a cute handlebar of its own for your kid to hang onto for extra security. While it’s great to keep an eye on your baby and talk to them, smaller adults should keep in mind that a handlebar seat can be difficult for you to see over, while taller adults should check clearance for their knees while pedaling.

Not sure which one you need? Thule has helpful guides (plus all of the adapters) needed to help pick the best, safest child seat for your bike.

Coming ‘Round the Mountain

Wheels can’t go on every adventure, and regular baby carriers aren’t always designed to support your needs on the trail. But the ergonomics of a backpack carrier like the Thule Sapling will keep you and baby comfortable as you go over the river and through the woods, whether it’s a day hike or a camping trek.

Thule Sapling

Thule’s baby backpack design gives the same consideration to your baby’s ergonomics as your own. Adjustable shoulder, chest and hip straps distribute weight across your back while the breathable, hammock-like seat supports your baby’s bum and legs, making sure they’re secure and comfy for the long haul. Put on the included sunshade when you hit the ridgeline!

The Thule Sapling also has smart features for someone solo-parenting on the trail, including a strong frame handle to help you lift and get the pack on by yourself. With the same storage space as a day pack (22L), you can take enough layers and snacks for you and baby without an extra bag, while side and hip pockets make contents easy to reach without taking the backpack off. You can even add on a hydration hose and reservoir or additional sling pack.

From the Sidewalk to the Running Path

Finally, if you‘re a runner, you don’t have to stop your daily miles when the baby comes. With its robust suspension and 16-inch, air-filled rear wheels, the Urban Glide 2 is Thule’s ultimate all-terrain stroller.

The Thule Urban Glide 2 delivers all the extra features you need to run with a stroller. The handlebar easily adjusts to fit your height, while a unique twisting hand brake makes it easy to stop when you get going too fast (especially downhill)—just roll the brake toward your body. Another thoughtful touch is that the bottom cargo basket can fold up out of the way to make room for your longer stride.

Though “all-terrain” might make you think of tree roots and mud, the suspension and big wheels are a surprising perk for the city, too, making it easier for you to roll over sidewalk cracks and bumps. The Thule Urban Glide 2 can fit most car seats with an adapter, so you can also use it as a travel system when you’re not in exercise mode.

If your pre-parent life involves a lot of outdoor activity, there’s no reason you need to stop once the baby comes—you’ll just need a little extra help getting outside those first couple of years. Check out Thule’s complete line of baby-friendly active lifestyle gear to get yourself ready for your next adventure.

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