Tips for Organizing Your Diaper Bag
Tips for Organizing Your Diaper Bag
April 20, 2018

Tips for Organizing Your Diaper Bag

Tips for Organizing Your Diaper Bag.
Tips for Organizing Your Diaper Bag

Here are some tips and tricks to help stop you from digging through your bag:

Tip 1: Tackle the Little Stuff

While your diaper bag is probably loaded with pockets, I actually went the next step and made sure all my little stuff was organized while in those pockets. I could tell you where every item in that bag was, and access it with ease. So, start small.

Get a case for your pacifier. Many cases are hard and slide into pockets, while others are soft and have velcro features, allowing you to attach it to hooks inside the bag.

I also found it helpful to scour my local dollar store to pick up little storage containers or pouches. They are great to hold bandages, packs of tissues, medication if your little one needs it and even thermometers or breast pump accessories.

Once I had a compartment for all my little stuff, the organizing became much easier.

Tip 2: Prepare for Messy Situations

Another purpose of a diaper bag, besides toting around all the necessities, is to serve as a place to hold soiled clothing or accessories.

Babies are messy, and they often have accidents frequently. So, be sure that you pick up a wet bag. These bags hold wet or soiled clothes with ease and keep them away from all other important baby items. Also, a changing pad should be placed in your bag to help make diaper changing easier. Many pads roll up and fit into a side compartment, keeping the bag spacious and neat.

Because messes happen quite frequently, your baby wipes should be placed in an easy to reach side pocket, so you don’t’ have to dig into the bag. Disposable, plastic bags are also great to have in zippered compartments in case of a bottle leak or if your wet bag gets overloaded.

Tip 3: Go “Sample-Sized”

You don’t need to bring full-sized items unless you’re going to be away from your home and baby stuff for a few days. So, in order to keep your bag organized and somewhat minimal, opt to include sample sized baby products such as powder, ointment, lotion—you name it.

Have at least one diaper per hour you’re going to be away from your home.

Tip 4: Make Diapers the Main Focus

Keep your diapers in the largest space of your bag. They will be easy to access and they are what you’ll need the most of when you’re out and about. A general rule of thumb is to have at least one diaper per hour you’re going to be away from your home, and add one in case of leakage or an upset tummy. So, if I was going to the park for an hour or so, I’d make sure I had at least two-three diapers on me. If I was away shopping and then visiting friend or family members, I had at least eight diapers on hand!

Tip 5: Designate Your Own Space

Because diaper bags are loaded with pockets and compartments, why not eliminate the need to carry around a purse? Add your own items to the bag, but limit them to a specified area. Diaper backpacks are especially good for this! This way, you won’t be digging around looking for your keys, chapstick, gum or cellphone.

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